Riverdale, Legends of Tomorrow, Batwoman Move; Flash Crossover Event?

So here's what you need to know about The CW's 2021-2022 schedule, beginning with its Fall line-up. First up, Sunday nights are saying goodbye to scripted drama and hello to themed reality competition series. Jumping to Tuesday, fans of The Flash and fans of Riverdale will be spending the night together- with The Scarlet Speedster kicking off the night at 8 pm ET (and Riverdale immediately following). On Wednesday, we see what happened to the Arrowverse's once-Sunday night line-up- with DC's Legends of Tomorrow at 8 pm ET and Batwoman at 9 pm ET. Walker keeps its spot on Thursday nights, while the Kennedy McMann-starring Nancy Drew moves to Friday nights at 9 pm ET.

The Flash crossover from "Crisis" (Image: The CW)
The Flash crossover from "Crisis" (Image: The CW)

Of note in Deadline Hollywood's reporting is the following line: "The network said that the eighth season of 'The Flash' and the sixth season of 'Riverdale' will begin their seasons with special five-episode events that will include a number of superheroes from across the universe appearing in the former." So it would appear that both shows are getting "limited event series" runs within their respective seasons- and that sure does sound like an Arrowverse crossover. With Arrow alum David Ramsey currently back in the Arrowverse both directing as well as reprising his role as John Diggle for some still-kept-under-wraps-reasons, could viewers be seeing the start of the build-up towards that event?

"He was on his way to Metropolis and was intercepted by a glowing green box. Whatever was in that box, he refused its invitation. There are consequences for that. This is the very preliminary story of telling what those consequences are," Ramsey revealed. "We find John Diggle as a co-leader in ARGUS with his wife. He's going to Gotham, Smallville, and National City as an ARUGS leader. That's his day job. But he's hearing voices; he has debilitating headaches. And he's hiding them from the other members of the Arrowverse shows, who he's helping as an ARGUS member. So he's coming there with a purpose, but he's also hiding something. The more we tell the story, the more we begin to hear what these voices are, particularly on 'The Flash,'" he continued. If you didn't see Naomi, the fourth season of Charmed, the third season of DC's Stargirl, the second season of Kung Fu, or the second season of Superman & Lois, there's a reason. That line-up of series is being saved for midseason runs.

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