Ronda Rousey Blames Wrestling Fans for WWE Firing Bray Wyatt

Ronda Rousey is no stranger to bad takes, but her response to fans lamenting the release of Bray Wyatt last week is still a real head-scratcher. According to Rousey, it's not WWE or Vince McMahon, who actually made the decision on firing Bray Wyatt, who are to blame for firing Bray Wyatt. Instead, it's the fans who deserve responsibility, according to Rousey, for once chanting about a beach ball during one of his matches.

Ronda Rousey appears on WWE Raw
Ronda Rousey appears on WWE Raw



On Twitter, the former Women's Champion wrote:

Far be it from me to say anything too mean about someone who could easily kick my ass, but that's some hardcore sycophantry right there. WWE has boldly spent the last two decades ignoring what the fans want, in fact many times delivering the opposite just to spite those fans, so it's hard to believe they would suddenly start listening when it comes to firing one of their long term wrestlers who is beloved by both fans and people inside the business. But even if WWE did suddenly start listening to fans, then they would surely recognize that fans have always been supportive of Wyatt, and, if anything, wanted him to be treated with more respect by WWE's booking, as opposed to hiring him.

Then again, since Wyatt would surely be booked better anywhere other than WWE, maybe they really were just trying to give the fans what they want? We may never know what drove WWE to fire someone with the talent, creativity, and star power of Bray Wyatt, but one thing for certain is that whatever reason a dumbass like Ronda Rousey gives to explain it is almost certainly the wrong one.

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