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Rumor: WWE Afraid AEW Will Hire Shane McMahon, Trying to Stop It

Following the shocking news yesterday that Vince McMahon fired his own son, Shane McMahon, as a scapegoat for the poorly booked Royal Rumble PPV, a new report reveals that McMahon's cronies in WWE are trying to prevent AEW from hiring Shane by spreading rumors about his ego. Though the report is based on anonymous sources, the circumstances surrounding the release combined with Shane McMahon's history point to an attempt to smear the McMahon heir in order to prevent him from embarrassing WWE by joining up with their competition.

Rumor: Shane McMahon Fired by WWE Even Though He Doesn't Work There

Greetings, comrades! It is I, your El Presidente, here with the latest wrestling news and hot goss. On today's PWTorch podcast, in a comment transcribed by /r/SquaredCircle poster Tomato Ciampa, Wade Keller said:

People in WWE are letting me know that someone should warn Tony Khan what he's in for if he brings Shane in, because the sense of entitlement, and I don't know if ego is the right word, that Shane would bring along with him in a company that isn't WWE would probably be amplified compared to how he was acting on Saturday, which was just basically out of control.

If reports that Shane McMahon has an ego problem seem like they're coming out of the blue, that's because they are. Until this week, Shane has by all accounts been well-liked backstage. But all of a sudden, according to the sources of various dirt sheet writers, everybody backstage is upset with Shane over his producing the Royal Rumble match. Shane also produced the men's Royal Rumble match the two prior years without any similar incidents.

Comrades, El Presidente will tell you what' really going on. If you ask me — and if you know what's good for you, you'd better — it sounds like the cause of issues with the Royal Rumble are the same as those that afflict the rest of WWE's shows: the incompetent creative process led by Vince McMahon and his top executives, such as Bruce Pritchard and Kevin Dunn. And as we've seen many times before, McMahon needs a scapegoat to blame for those problems at the next shareholders meeting, like Triple H for NXT failing to stop AEW, Paul Heyman for the Raw ratings continuing to decline, Eric Bischoff for the Smackdown ratings continuing to decline, Baron Corbin (who only ever held fictional power) for the ratings decline, and the list goes on and on. This time, that scapegoat was his own son. That's cold, comrades. Even for Vince!

But it would still be embarrassing for WWE if Shane showed up on AEW Dynamite, so now those same sources that fed dirt sheet writers the info that Shane was to blame for the Rumble are now feeding those same dirt sheet writers rumors that Shane is some kind of backstage egomaniac and difficult to work with in hopes it will prevent him getting a job elsewhere. But the one true egomaniac behind WWE's problems is, and always has been, Vince McMahon himself.

Until next time, comrades: socialism or death!

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