Sami Zayn Responds to Championship Loss, Alleges Referee Conspiracy

Sami Zayn did not react well to his loss on WWE Smackdown last night, and he leveled some very serious accusations against WWE and its officials. Zayn finally had an opportunity to regain the WWE Intercontinental Championship he claims was stolen from him as part of a vast conspiracy by WWE to hold him back. But he lost a match to Big E, ending his championship hopes and allowing the Intercontinental Champion to move on to another feud with Apollo Crews. After the show, documentary footage of Zayn shows the superstar having trouble coming to grips with his loss.

Sami Zayn throws a tantrum after losing an Intercontinental Championship match on WWE Smackdown
Sami Zayn throws a tantrum after losing an Intercontinental Championship match on WWE Smackdown

"That was nonsense! That was crap! That was crap! Aaaaahhhh!" Shouted Zayn, sitting on the floor backstage after the match. "What the hell are you looking at? Don't look at me! I'll knock your block off, you understand me?!"

"Auuuuggh," said Zayn, writhing around in emotional pain. "Aaagggghhh. Auuuaaggghhh. Oh my gosh."

Zayn accused the referee of giving him a slow count when he believes he should have had Big E beat. "I can't catch a break," said Zayn. "I can't catch a break. You saw that, right? Slow count, right? I had him beat. That sunset bomb off the second rope, off the top rope. Where was the ref on that? Right? You saw it, right? What the hell was that?"

"That's the same ref that reffed the lumberjack match when Big E stole the Intercontinental Championship from me," Zayn continued. "How am I supposed to overcome the odds when the refs are against me? When everyone's against me? We're gonna get to the bottom of this. It's not over. It's not over. We're gonna get to the bottom of this."

Sami Zayn has been filming his documentary for months but has yet to set a release date. However, if there is truly is a conspiracy against the former Intercontinental Champion, surely all of the footage his crew has captured so far must contain some evidence. We look forward to its eventual release.

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