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WWE SmackDown Preview: Roman Reigns On The Warpath Tonight
 But it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows for the Tribal Chief, as during his post-match destruction of Owens, "Honorary Uce" Sami Zayn found his soul and turned on Reigns, walloping him with a steel chair  Further complicating things for The Bloodline was Jey Uso seemingly taking Zayn's side and turning his back on his family[...]
Roman Reigns berates Sami Zayn just before Zayn turns on him at the 2023 WWE Royal Rumble
Kicking off the final act of what has been one of the best stories WWE has told in a long time, Sami Zayn finally turned on Roman Reigns at the Royal Rumble to the delight of the San Antonio crowd Reigns defeated Kevin Owens in the main event of the PPV, but it was the[...]
WWE Royal Rumble Peacock promo graphic
And while Rhodes did solidify his status with WWE fans by wrestling an entire Hell in a Cell match against Seth Rollins with a purple chest and a completely torn pec before going away to recover, he has also been gone for over six months, and a lot can change during that time. Most specifically, the[...]
WWE SmackDown Tonight Will See 2 Giants Battle For The IC Title
 Tonight on FOX's SmackDown, he will face possibly his toughest and certainly largest challenge yet when the mighty Braun Strowman takes a shot a dethroning the dominant Champion live on FOX. Gunther will defend the Intercontinental title against Braun Strowman tonight on SmackDown, courtesy of WWE. Will tonight's Friday The 13th episode of SmackDown be bad luck for Intercontinental[...]
John Cena Returns To SmackDown Tonight For The Final Show Of 2022
While tomorrow night's New Year's Eve will see fireworks worldwide, WWE is planning for their last show of 2022 to go out with a bang!  And just how are they planning on pulling that off?  By promising a huge main event match on tonight's SmackDown on FOX with today's biggest star in the industry, the Undisputed[...]
WWE SmackDown Will See The Return Of Roman Reigns Tonight On FOX
 We last saw the Tribal Chief at WWE Survivor Series when his team was victorious in the War Games match against The Brawling Brutes, Kevin Owens, and Drew McIntyre, and confirmed the loyalty of Sami Zayn to their family  So with everything seemingly perfect, what does Reigns have to address with The Bloodline tonight on SmackDown? Roman Reigns is set to return[...]
WWE SmackDown Tonight Will Test How Ucey Sami Zayn Is Versus Butch
 We saw a couple of the first-round match-ups last week on FOX, and tonight will continue that as we'll see who will move forward on their quest to challenge Gunther for the Intercontinental Championship. Butch will face Sami Zayn in the World Cup tournament tonight on SmackDown, courtesy of WWE. We will be seeing two more first-round[...]
WWE SmackDown Will See The Return Of Roman Reigns Tonight On FOX
'Main Event' Jey Uso's temper and Sami Zayn's attempts to corral his hot-heated nature have caused an internal struggle within The Bloodline How will The Head of the Table react to the chaos when he returns to SmackDown? Find out this Friday at 8/7 C on FS1." Along with Roman Reigns' return, tonight on FS1 (cause[...]
SmackDown Preview 10/14: An Intercontinental Title Shot On The Line
The haunting Kross has been terrorizing Fridays since emerging to the blue brand and will be riding momentum after defeating Drew McIntyre in a brutal Strap Match at WWE Extreme Rules — with the help of Scarlett. Former Intercontinental Champion Ricochet came up short last week against Sikoa last week, but The One and Only is tailor-made for the fast-paced nature of[...]
WWE SmackDown Preview 9/30: Sami Zayn & Solo Sikoa In Tag Action
Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns made Sami Zayn's dreams come true on last week's WWE SmackDown when he rewarded his lackey with a shirt officially naming him as an "honorary Uce"and officially welcomed him to The Bloodline, leaving Zayn absolutely elated  And while this development has left the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions, The Usos, divided in their[...]
WWE SmackDown Recap 9/23: Roman Reigns Honors Sami Zayn
One of the most entertaining ongoing stories on WWE SmackDown over the past couple of months has been Sami Zayn's evolving relationship with The Bloodline  What started out as a cowardly skin-saving move on Zayn's part has turned into him thinking he's a welcomed member of the family  All is not well, though, and there has been some[...]
WWE SmackDown Preview 4/29: McIntyre & Zayn Inside A Steel Cage
Sami Zayn has spent the past few weeks finding new ways to weasel out of matches with Drew McIntyre on SmackDown  While he found a way to run away through the crowd in his first two outings, last week he seemed trapped when he was sent in to face McIntyre in a Lumberjack Match[...]
WWE SmackDown Recap 4/22: Did Sami Zayn Survive Drew McIntyre?
 We haven't seen Reigns since that night and with WrestleMania Backlash just around the corner, fans are wondering if the Champ will even have a match at the event, or if he's on the Brock Lesnar schedule now?  Did we find out these answers on SmackDown on FOX this week?  Let's find out. Did Sami Zayn survive his Lumberjack[...]
4/22 WWE SmackDown Preview: The War Of RK-Bro & The Usos Rages On
Riddle will look to keep RK-Bro's momentum rolling when he goes one-on-one with Jey Uso. Can Jimmy do what his brother could not and deliver a win to The Bloodline or will Riddle stand tall for the second straight week? Find out Friday night on SmackDown at 8/7 C on FOX. Aside from that, tonight's SmackDown will also feature Sami[...]
WWE SmackDown Preview 4/15: What Titles Will Roman Want Unified Now?
 Now maybe it was just the come-down from WrestleMania and tonight they're going to hit the gas on new storylines and rivalries, but I'll have to wait to see it to believe it. Drew McIntyre will get another chance to beat up Sami Zayn tonight on SmackDown, courtesy of WWE. As we saw last week, an arrogant and[...]
AJ Styles enters the ring on SmackDown, courtesy of WWE.
Styles is said to be very happy in the company, and has mentioned numerous times that he'd like to work for WWE after his wrestling career." AJ Styles has now joined fellow WWE stars Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn in signing lucrative new deals with the company in recent months, despite the rumor mill churning out stories of[...]
Johnny Knoxville Zaps WWE's Sami Zayn At "Jackass Forever" Premiere
If you've been watching WWE SmackDown lately, you'll of course know there's been an ongoing feud between the brand's resident goofball Sami Zayn and Jackass Forever star Johnny Knoxville  Zayn took umbrage with Knoxville entering this past Saturday night's Royal Rumble match and tried turning the tables on him by creating his own silly stunt show, InZayn, which predictably backfired[...]
SmackDown Preview 12/24: It's Christmas Eve With The WWE Universe
Hey gang!  On last week's edition of FOX's WWE SmackDown, Sami Zayn wanted reparations for his Universal title shot kind of being wasted and while another shot at Roman Reigns' title wasn't in the cards, he was given a consolation prize in the form of his participation in a "12 Days of Christmas" 12-Man Gauntlet Match to[...]
 Well now along with Owens, SmackDown star Sami Zayn's contract with WWE was also up very soon and while most of the attention was on Owens and whether or not he would stay, it now sounds like WWE has also re-signed Zayn to keep another of their notable stars for the next couple of years. Sami Zayn has[...]
SmackDown Recap 12/3: Brock Lesnar Challenges Roman Reigns At Day 1
Hey gang!  So SmackDown last week was a lazy offering with only two things for us to take away: that Brock Lesnar's suspension was lifted and he's returning this week and that Sami Zayn is now the number one contender for Roman Reigns' Universal title  And that brings us to now, where those are the only things we can[...]
Match Graphic for Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens at WrestleMania 37 Night 2
Wrestlemania 37 night two is going down right now, and the third match of the evening is the latest chapter of the ongoing blood feud between Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens From the indies to NXT and now on SmackDown, these two have been building to a match on the grandest stage of them all[...]
Match graphic for Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn at WWE WrestleMania.
Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn will renew their longtime rivalry with a match at WrestleMania 37 Tensions between the two former friends flared up during an edition of the KO Show on WWE Smackdown this week Zayn believes there is a vast conspiracy against him in WWE, and he has been gathering evidence to present[...]
Sami Zayn throws a tantrum after losing an Intercontinental Championship match on WWE Smackdown
Sami Zayn did not react well to his loss on WWE Smackdown last night, and he leveled some very serious accusations against WWE and its officials Zayn finally had an opportunity to regain the WWE Intercontinental Championship he claims was stolen from him as part of a vast conspiracy by WWE to hold him back[...]
Rey Mysterio confronts Sami Zayn backstage at WWE Smackdown in this revealing documentary footage.
Anyway, amigos, Sami Zayn's documentary film crew has revealed shocking footage that shows just how close Zayn came to being assaulted by Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio backstage on Smackdown last night. Rey Mysterio confronts Sami Zayn backstage at WWE Smackdown in this revealing documentary footage. In the footage, which Zayn's team released on WWE's YouTube channel,[...]
WWE Smackdown - Sami Zayn Returns... But Where Has He Been?!
Styles yells at him that he's gonna take the belt back and… Sami Zayn's music plays! Zayne comes out with the old Intercontinental Championship and gets in Hardy's face He says he was never defeated for the championship (true) He hits Heluva Kick on HArdy as Styles watches with disdain and, maybe, I think I see[...]
Dave Bautista at the Los Angeles premiere of 'Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2' held at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, USA on April 19, 2017. Editorial credit: Tinseltown /
Dumb-Dumb seems ummmm… 'energy assisted.'" With Trump gathering allies ahead of the big election PPV and an eventual blowoff match with Bautista, The Animal appears to be looking to expand his own stable, adding fellow WWE wrestler Sami Zayn to the mix  Bautista retweeted a promo by Zayn about Guilfoyle's speech which said, "It would be[...]
The Undertaker Chokeslams Sami Zayn to hell: SmackDown LIVE, Sept. 10, 2019
Sami Zayn was stripped of his WWE Intercontinental Championship this week for deciding not to wrestle during the coronavirus pandemic, and it's not a good thing for WWE backstage morale Zayn was stripped of the title and a tournament announced to crown a new champion Wednesday, as he could not defend the title due to[...]
Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn says win was for the good guys: WWE Exclusive, March 8, 2020
Not doing much to prove their assertion that no one will be punished for not working during the pandemic, WWE has stripped Sami Zayn of the Intercontinental Championship he retained at WrestleMania 36 Zayn has not been working since the WrestleMania tapings due to the quarantine, so WWE announced Tuesday that, since he is unable[...]