TekWar: William Shatner, Pure Imagination Plan Adult Animated Series

William Shatner is getting ready to see his multimedia universe expand in a big way, with his Shatner Universe teaming with Pure Imagination Studios for a "mixed-reality," adult animated series based on the Star Trek and T.J. Hooker star's "TekWar" novels (reported exclusively by Deadline Hollywood). Published in 1989 and set in the year 2043, the story is based on a former Los Angeles detective in futuristic Los Angeles who was framed for the crime of dealing an illegal mind-altering drug in the form of a bio-digital microchip. It poses a great threat to humanity and has the potential to become a virus that will lead to an unrecoverable future.

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Developed and written by Matt Michnovetz (24, Star Wars: The Clone Wars), the series is being developed to allow viewers to choose which level of involvement in the series they want. Though it can be viewed strictly as a series, viewers will have opportunities to become more involved in the narrative via access through mobile, tablets, or wearable devices. "My association with Pure Imagination is beyond my sheer imagination," said Shatner in a statement. "Imagine bringing to life this wonderful character in a variety of ways, so technologically advanced. This is the future and I am looking forward to it."

"We are very excited to work with the legendary William Shatner to reimagine the world of TekWar at a post-pandemic time," said John P. Roberts, Pure Imagination's Chief Content Officer. "TekWar was truly ahead of its time envisioning a future filled with AI and the world of simulated reality. It's becoming our reality now and we're excited to build a storyverse around it." Joshua Wexler, Pure Imagination's Chief Executive of Fun, added, "We want to do something that hasn't been done before. Who better to do that with than one of the greatest legends in the sci-fi universe. The world and story of TekWar transcend traditional linear media and has the potential to be experienced on multiple entertainment platforms, some that exist today and some we'll have to invent, and we can't wait to get started." Along with novels, comic books, and a video game, the "TekWar" series was adapted into a live-action series starring Shatner in 1994, with the Emmy-nominated series airing on USA Network & Sci-Fi Channel in the U.S. and CTV in Canada

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