The Big Flower Fight Season 1 Eps. 5-8 Review: Fun Fairytale Finale

Netflix's The Big Flower Fight, hosted by comedians Vic Reeves and Natasia Demetriou, was truly an experience to watch. Magnificent oversized creations that just got more impressive as the season progressed. Highly recommended for someone who enjoys what appears to be impossible creations coming to life out of materials like soil, rock, chicken wires, grass, and of course a large array of flowers, some of which I myself have never seen before. With five teams remaining, some clearly better than others and the challenges got progressively more imaginative forcing the competitors to think outside of the box and practice immaculate time management skills: 15 hours go by very quickly when your monster is 15-feet tall.

Some highlights from The Big Flower Fights, episodes 1-4 (image courtesy of Netflix).
Some highlights from The Big Flower Fights, episodes 1-4 (image courtesy of Netflix).

Aside from the expansive fields of every type of flower and green imaginable and the utmost stunning countryside making the show instantly a relaxing watch; the comradery among the teams is heartfelt. There is not that cutthroat competitive edge, although yes teams clearly compete to win like taking all of the curly willows. The beatify of this show is that its kind, supportive, and magnificently serene. Most importantly the designers, gardeners, and florists are in fact professionals who get better each round and push themselves out of the box. I should also mention that I was utterly pleased that the team I so desperately wanted to win actually did. There is something special about a runner up exceeding all expectations and literally obliterating the team every viewer probably expected to take "Best in Bloom."

Here Are Some Highlights from "The Big Flower Fight" Eps. 5-8

Episode 5: "Magnificent Mobiles"

Contestants were asked to create 8ft mobiles with at least four hanging pieces. The most disappointing episode out of all, not sure if the contestants were tired or just lacked inspiration for the design. Although the flying pig was definitely outside the box, it was quite busy. The dandelion clock was quite lovely and beautiful, while the fireworks created no-fired for the judges but rather made me want to take out a fire extinguisher and put it out. One team created an infinity mirror which was beyond captivating and creative but the four flower arms just looked like spider legs

  • Winner: Eye of the Storm – amazing use of color, felt like the piece moved, wasn't' even bothered by the birds
  • Loser: Forest Fire was literally a curtain of flowers and not even pretty not to mention that the team didn't follow the instruction and there was nothing magnificent or mobile like in their creation

Episode 6: "Sea Creatures"

The teams go seaside and must make 10ft tall sea creatures. Some teams struggled with construction. To win a team must have the ability to build a solid structure, create, and implement and lastly preserve the flowers and plants used so they don't wilt when going on display in front of the judges. The octopus was hideous and had no flowers, the fish was ok by easily forgettable, the turtle was not without humor. The mother and baby turtle were lovely and even more interesting were that the teams created small structures of each one of the other team's sea sculptures.

  • Winner: The seahorse took my breath away, it looked alive, utter perfection.
  • Loser: Grumpy crab, which collapsed towards the end of the challenge and the team did their best to fix it, but unfortunately ran out of time.
The Big Flower Fight
One of the amazing displays from The Big Flower Fight, courtesy of Netflix.

Episode 7: "Green Giants" (Semi-Finals)

Bravo! Contestants had to imagine tall green giants bursting out of the ground. Here is where you clearly differentiate between the experts and dabblers. With only four teams left, the "Anxiety Monster" told a charming tale of a young man's journey through the competition, emotionally compelling but visually struggled in presenting a clear picture. The green alien had perfect execution but didn't actually look like an alien.

  • Winner: T-Rex with bamboo teeth ready to bite your arm off, erupting from the earth, it belonged in a museum.
  • Loser: Gnome was a pure "hot mess" made by a bunch of school children. Terrible form and proportion and even worse time management.

Episode 8: "Fairytale Finale"

The season really went out with a bang. The final three teams had 16-foot tall structures to work with. They had to use lots of colors and create two fairy tale characters from scratch. So who was the fairest of them all? With two days to fill and design their structures, one team decided to really go outside the box by putting beauty on the inside. "Rapunzel" looked like she might have had one too many mojitos, was yes technically perfect, but it just didn't transform me into the fairy tale. "Hansel and Gretel" was so spooky, so real. The witch was amazing, and the attention to detail was so impressive. Hansel was in a cage while Gretel swept the grounds in all her misery and despair. This was the most amazing creation I have ever seen. "Jack and the Bean Stock" was unimpressive and the bean stock had a distorted shape and was on the childish humoristic side, the goose was pretty awesome though. Who took "Best in Bloom"? Unsurprisingly, Hansel and Gretel.

The Big Flower Fight
Here's a look at the contestants on The Big Flower Fight, courtesy of Netflix.

I would binge season after season of The Big Flower Fight. It has art, beauty, and the more you watch it the more details you catch making the giant creations increasingly striking. To watch something be born out of moss, twigs, sheer imagination, and skill was impressive. The teams were creative, the designs for the most part magnificent and the scenery picturesque. Sitting back with a glass of wine on the couch, I enjoyed the first season and look forward to more.

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