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We know Gaiman gets England But the bigger question is… who's next and where? And considering who we had run the U.S for four years, is this really a bad idea? And if nothing else, we got to take a break from The Sandman Season 2 and The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of[...]
Last Week Tonight: Sky Cuts John Oliver/Queen Elizabeth II Jokes in UK
Oliver also used the occasion to land a blow at Liz Truss, England's new Prime Minister & Conservative Party chief Noting that Queen Elizabeth II's death was "not the only traumatic event that Britain has had to deal with," Oliver made a direct reference to Truss Though it seems Sky and Warner Bros Discovery (home[...]
An English Village Gets Its Own Comic Shop On Tuesday
Hellesdon is a village and suburb of Norwich in the District of Broadland in Norfolk, England, with a population of a mere 11,000 With settlements found going back to 2000BC, the name Hellesdon originally comes from Hægelisdun, which is what it was called a thousand years ago, meaning "hill of a man named Hægel"[...]
Game of Thrones spinoff series, House of the Dragon (Image: HBO)
The news comes on the same day that the British government is reopening the country, even in the face of growing positive numbers in England (52,000 individuals testing positive and 49 people died on Friday, July 16, for example) Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak found themselves in self-isolation after[...]
Comics Folk React To… Italy Beating England In The Euro 2020 Final
So Italy has beaten England on penalties in the final of the UEFA Euro Cup, at Wembley I went for a cycle ride at one point to an empty London My part if it anyway, Leicester Square has already been smashed up in anticipation of losing, it seems, and there are stories of hundreds of[...]
It's Coming Home - England Vs Italy In The Euro 2020 Final
We are about to have the kick-off of England Vs Italy, the final of the 2020 UEFA European Football Championship, or Euro 2020, the 16th UEFA European Championship, held every four years This year for its 60th anniversary, it was held in eleven cities in eleven countries, with the final in London's Wembley stadium England[...]
Coming Home Through Footballl - Three Lions Edition (Video)
NotComics: Last night the England national football team beat Denmark in extra-time in the semi-finals of the European Cup, propelling them into the final with Italy this weekend The first time England has been in the final of a major football tournament since winning the World Cup in 1966.  And cycling home, I couldn't help[...]
English Comic Shops Open Up Tomorrow - After Three Months
As a result, in England, they have all been closed to the public for over three months, since the 28th of December 2020, and more as part of the current lockdown rules Tomorrow, the British government has stated that non-essential outlets in England can reopen in a measured factor And that included comic book shops[...]
american gods
Speaking to "all biracial kids out there, adults too," Whittle opens up about what life was like for him growing up in England and confronting racism constantly He uses his story to remind others that they don't have to fit into the preconceived notions of others, that they have the right and responsibility to be[...]
Pennyworth released a preview of season 2 (Image: EPIX screencap)
With England in the midst of civil war and Lord Harwood's (Jason Flemyng) Raven Union looking to take control of the country, Alfred finds himself torn between looking out for himself and his clients (who are slowly becoming more and more like family) and keeping London from falling To do that, Alfred is looking to[...]
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005) Directed by George Lucas Shown: Ewan McGregor (as Obi-Wan Kenobi)
So remember how the series was supposed to film in Boston beginning January 4? Well, it looks like it's still happening- but in Boston in England and not Massachusetts Boston's CBS affiliate WBZ TV reported that the posting from the Film & Television Industry Alliance on productionlist.com was updated to "Boston, England, United Kingdom, and[...]
The Witcher offered early looks at the second season. (Image: Netflix)
While the Halloween weekend brought a couple of treats for viewers in the form of some second-season creature first-looks, Tuesday brought the production a big, old "trick" in the form of England's recently-announced COVID lockdown that begins this Thursday So what does that mean for production? The Witcher offered early looks at the second season[...]
England, Go To Your Comic Shop This Week (Before Thursday)
Yesterday, as expected, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a new lockdown for England and anyone else who wants to play along From Thursday, that means the closure of any non-essential shops, all restaurants and bars except for takeaway and delivery services Courts and medical centres will remain open, as will schools, colleges and universities Movement[...]
It appears the era of loot boxes may be coming to a close within the next few years, and England has a new report on them tied to gambling The report published by Claire Murdoch, the mental health director of England's National Health Service did a study on the subject and said that the transactions[...]