SCOOP: New Marvel British Superhero Team Comic Launches In Empyre

SCOOP: New Marvel Brexit British Superhero Team Comic Launches In Empyre

It's a good week for comic book scoops on Bleeding Cool. More to come too. But this one will be closest to my heart. Bleeding Cool understands a new comic monthly comic from Marvel will star classic Invaders character Union Jack, alongside one hero from each of the main countries in the United Kingdon, England, […]

The Innocents: Guy Pearce Joins Netflix's British Teen Supernatural Series

Here's hoping Guy Pearce (Memento, L.A. Confidential) has his remembering skills back, because it looks like he's going to need them for his next project, Netflix's British teen supernatural drama series The Innocents. Created by Hania Elkington (The North London Book of the Dead) and Simon Duric (McMafia), Pearce is set to play the character Halvorson […]

Sean Bean Gets Properly Fast, Furious in Sky's Racing Drama 'Curfew'

Moving ahead with a project that the network is hoping is more "Gumball Rally via Fast and the Furious" and less The Cannonball Run, British broadcaster Sky is moving ahead with futuristic racing drama Curfew. The eight-episode series stars Sean Bean (Game of Thrones) and Malachi Kirby (Roots), and follows the Vin Diesel-less story of […]

Top Boy: Netflix And Drake Revive British Crime Drama For Season 3

Looks like Dushane and Sully will be running the mean streets of London for another season, as Netflix has ordered a new season of British crime drama Top Boy. The first two seasons originally aired in 2011 and 2013 the U.K. on Channel 4 and are currently available globally on the streaming service. Now, the […]

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Fox Developing British Crime Drama From Jim Piddock, Mark Gordon

With what reads like a mash-up of The Godfather, The Sopranos, and The Limey, Fox is importing its next lead anti-hero. The network has announced that it will be developing organized crime drama series Faces. Jim Piddock (A Might Wind, Lost) and Mark Gordon are executive producing, with Piddock also writing the project. The Mark Gordon […]

"Queen" Brings Political Drama, Corruption, And Hacktivism To Kickstarter

One of the latest comics looking for some Kickstarter love is Queen, a new political thriller that tells the story of corruption, hacktivism, and an unelected leader who takes the reins of the UK government. Not a lot unlike the current political situation in the UK. The comic comes from Jamie Me, Bernard Gita, and Sean Callahan. […]

Is Valiant Reviving Turok As Savage? Dragon Hunter Instead Of Dinosaur Hunter?

The Free Comic Book Day volume by Valiant for May 7th leads into their 4001AD crossover event, Divinity II, Archer & Armstrong and a great double page spread of the state of the Valiant Universe right now. And then hits with the teases. Including something called Savage. Which could be a rework of Turok, Valiant […]

Kapow 2012: The InComplete Sleaze Castle – The Comic You Must Own

On sale at Kapow this weekend, and coming through Diamond shortly, is the Incomplete Sleaze Castle from Markosia. That's if it gets the numbers it needs. Consider this an appeal to Americans. Oh sure, you think you have Anglophiliac tastes. Your shelves and/or Flash Drives full of Phonogram, Banksy, Misfits, Lucky Soul and The Thick […]

Jonathan Ross' Mid-Life Crisis On Very Important People

Very Important People is a relatively new Channel 4 impressions sketch show from Morgana Robinson and Terry Mynott targeting modern day celebrity. And in tonight's episode, as well as a rather entertaining Charlie Brooker/David Mitchell sideswipe, they also went for Jonathan Ross and his Superfriends, Russell Brand and David Walliams, depicting them as comic book […]

Action Comics #1 To Go On Sale In The UK Fifteen Hours Before USA

This week a number of DC stores had a midnight opening to sell Justice League #1 and Flashpoint #5. The UK missed out as stores only got their comics on the day of sale, because of the Bank Holiday on Monday. So they are doing it next week instead. UK retailers will be allowed to […]

Will DC Comics Drop Their UK Print Prices To Match Digital?

In the UK, there's no real thing as a fixed price for an American comic book. Diamond UK sell comics to shops depending on the discount they qualify for and shops price accordingly, but unlike the US where you'll pay cover price plus tax, there's no cover price for the UK. And of course the […]

The Superhero With Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Tonight on Channel 4 in Britain, a documentary The Superheroes Of Suburbia made by Christian Watt looked at British real life superheroes and found, as with all superheroes, their Achilles heel. Or in one case, his Achilles digestive system. Will, who works in finance, in sleepy south coastal town of Torquay's only real life superhero, […]

The Final Print Issue Of Wasted

This is the final print issue of the drugs-themed comedy British comic, Wasted. What is it with Brits and issue eights, the same number as Dodgem Logic went to before it decided to go online, as Wasted is now doing as well. Either way, this final issue leaves us with a smorgasbord of names, including […]

Pro Con Hits Birmingham In June

Comics Launch Pad is a very different kind of comic convention. While usually comic book professionals attend conventions for free, at Launch Pad they pay – but they are the only ones allowed to attend. It's a convention for comic book professionals or aspiring professionals, with talks, seminars, demonstrations and workshops in Birmingham, England. Keynote […]