The Mandalorian: Adam Savage Views Grant Imahara's Animatronic Grogu

One of Grant Imahara's final projects before his passing in July 2020 was building an animatronic life-like version of the popular The Mandalorian character Grogu, which was originally called The Child by Disney before it was given its official name. Prior to Disney's marketing push, fans affectionately called him "Baby Yoda" online. MythBusters co-host Adam Savage, who worked with Imahara on the series stopped by his workshop for his YouTube channel Tested. First, he struggled to put on the baby carrier harness with the help of Imahara Robotics' prop artisan Lauren Markland before placing the life-like Grogu in place.

The Mandalorian: Adam Savage Sees Grant Imahara's Animatronic Grogu
Lauren Markland and Adam Savage in Tested. Image courtesy of Adam Savage

Breaking Down Recreating The Mandalorian's Grogu

The details from the face, ears, arms, right down to the hairs were captured perfectly as Savage described the surreal experience. As he filmed the intro, Grogu's ears perked up. According to Markland, it took a "crazy three months" to get the project realized. As she described the process, there was a selfie of Imahara with Grogu. Savage and Markland broke down the construction of the model going over building materials. She said the intention of the project was to bring it to children's hospitals constructing the bjorn of portability and convenience. Both broke down previous models that were considered from Project 842, who provided the parts for construction.

Markland, who also worked with costumer Lindsay Hamilton, showed off the pieces of Gorgu's skull that would be the starting point comparing it to a gremlin. She described the process of making 3-D printed molds with silicone for the skull to go with the core. There were clips of the animatronics that gets the movements down with the body before they show one of him with robes. Markland also broke down getting the skin tone and producing a translucent effect. Savage closed reflecting on Imahara's social media posts regarding the progress.

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