The Rising of the Shield Hero S02 Finale Hits Crunchyroll Next Week

The Rising of the Shield Hero is one of the more popular and different Isekai light novel series in Japan that got a manga and an anime series adaptation. Aneko Yusagi's ongoing light novel series, which has 22 books and still going strong, features got its first anime season back in 2019. The second season began airing in the Spring of 2022. Crunchyroll will be streaming the finale worldwide next Wednesday, June 29th.

The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Finale Streams Next Week
"The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2" ©2021 Aneko Yusagi/KADOKAWA/Shield Hero S2 production committee

As you might know, Isekai is the genre where the hero from our world ends up in a fantasy world and uses his – it's usually a guy – knowledge of the rules of Dungeons & Dragons role-playing games and fantasy novel tropes to gain power and supremacy in that world like a god-tier player. The Rising of the Shield Hero mixes up the formula a bit by making its hero the underdog of the story for a change. Naofumi comes to this fantasy world with the shield, a defensive weapon that's not as cool as a sword or spear because he can't attack with it. Betrayed and abused by a corrupt princess, he has to fight his way to the top the hard way with a rag-tag band team of outsiders and outcasts to become a powerhouse in this world. He also has to figure out who or what the apocalyptic Big Bad that's going to show up for the big showdown and save the world from total destruction, as you do.

As Season 2's official synopsis goes, "Learning that people are hurting, Naofumi vows to fight. But before he can help, word comes that the Spirit Tortoise is free. Assembling Raphtalia and Filo, they uncover scary news—this was no accident. Someone deliberately unleashed the legendary beast!"

Season 2 will get a dubbed version as well, and a third season is in the works, though its release date hasn't been announced yet.

The Rising of the Shield Hero is streaming on Crunchyroll. The season 2 finale will air on June 29th. The English dub of the finale will stream on July 27th.

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