The Walking Dead Fans Want Answers to Carol/Daryl Spinoff Concerns

So it would appear that some Carol (Melissa McBride) & Daryl (Norman Reedus) fans are growing increasingly concerned about the buzz surrounding the previously-announced spinoff from AMC The Walking Dead set to focus on the pair. A big part of that comes from feeling like they've heard more about the Negan (Jeffery Dean Morgan) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) spinoff than the one that was announced months before. And the rumors have ranged from the spinoff being canceled to it being used as a front to hide that one of them may die by the time the original series wraps. Recently, social media has been buzzing with the rumor that the spinoff will be a solo Daryl series, with McBride not returning to the role (whatever that could mean is also unknown). So what does this have to do with TWD showrunner Angela Kang (who we're a big fan of and who deserves a ton of medals for spearheading the entire franchise in a bold new direction)?

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The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 21 – Photo Credit: Eli Ade/AMC

Well, Kang was kind enough to share a look at her return to her Los Angeles office after being away since 2020… and we have a feeling you know where this is going. That's right, the comments section was flowing with spinoff questions. Just a little advice to the fandom in general? The team just wrapped an epic 11-season run and they're processing all of the emotions that come with it. On top of that, they still have eight more episodes to promote while being asked a million times, "So how are you feeling?". How about we give them a little space to breathe? Now here's a look at Kang bringing us along like an archeologist bringing along observers as they enter an unopened tomb for the first time. All jokes aside, it must've felt like walking into a time capsule after two years- take a look:

While it might be a few months still until the final chapters hit our screens (and we get a bit more clarity on the spinoff confusion), it wasn't too early for a preview of what's to come in Season 11 Part 3. The Following clip finds Mercer (Michael James Shaw) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) comparing notes, Daryl and Maggie (Lauran Cohan) hiding from Commonwealth soldiers, Rosita (Christian Serratos) and Aaron (Ross Marquand) not looking so well, Carol being the kind of shady we need right now, and Daryl bringing "Rick Grimes" back into the conversation. Now here's your first look at what's to come as AMC's The Walking Dead Season 11 Part 3 premieres this fall:


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