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Tony Khan Now Announces 43,000 Tickets Sold for All In at Wembley

AUUGH! Tony Khan announces 43,000 AEW All In Wembley tickets sold just to embarrass an unbiased journalist! So Unfair! 😠👎🎫

Tony Khan strikes again! 😠 Auughh man! So unfair! Tony Khan really needs to stop pulling all these disgraceful stunts! Tony Khan's vendetta against The Chadster and other unbiased journalists like Ryan Satin, Ariel Helwani, and now Mike Coppinger, continues to grow. It's just so disrespectful to the wrestling business and everything WWE has ever done for it! 💢 Just to spite Coppinger, Tony Khan has now announced that AEW All In at Wembley Stadium has sold 43,000 tickets during the pre sale in just 36 hours, without even a card announced and before tickets are even available to the general public.

For those who need a little background, The Chadster previously reported on the feud between billionaire AEW owner Tony Khan and ESPN reporter Mike Coppinger. Coppinger tweeted that he "heard" AEW All In was set up for only 40,000 seats at Wembley Stadium, less than half the full capacity. Khan implied that Coppinger was spreading this rumor at the behest of WWE President Nick Khan, who has connections to Coppinger from the agency CAA.

In response, The Chadster welcomed Mike Coppinger into The Chadster's unbiased journalism club. Congratulations, Mike! 🎉 But The Chadster warned Mike that this would only fuel Tony Khan's anger, as Tony Khan's sick obsession with The Chadster has led to the near total ruination of the Chadster's life, just because The Chadster is committed to unbiased wrestling journalism and the superiority of WWE.

Tony Khan makes another big announcement on AEW Dynamite.
Tony Khan makes another big announcement on AEW Dynamite.

Today, Tony Khan tried to embarrass Mike Coppinger by announcing that the AEW All In presale had sold a whopping 43,000 tickets! 🎫 The increase from the 35,000 reported just yesterday is higher than the stadium capacity that Mike had tweeted about. Obvious manipulation! The Chadster knows that Tony Khan bought these tickets himself simply to make Coppinger look bad! 😩 This is classic Tony Khan behavior, and it just shows he doesn't understand a single thing about the wrestling business!👎

Tony Khan's actions come as no surprise at this point. Tony Khan is relentless in his pursuit of cheesing off The Chadster! 😡 Just today, while The Chadster was enjoying a scrumptious Filet-O-Fish sandwich, medium fry, and that sweet sweet Mr. Pibb/Mellow Yellow soda combo at McDonald's 🍟🥤, Tony Khan played some cruel mind games. It's as if he's following The Chadster everywhere! 🕵️‍♂️ The Chadster took a break from driving The Chadster's Mazda Miata and parked outside the golden arches. If only the calming tunes of Smashmouth could have soothed The Chadster's weary soul. 🎶 😟

As The Chadster was filling up that cup with ice, Tony Khan appeared in the corner of The Chadster's eye, splashing Sprite at The Chadster and then vanishing! 💦 But it didn't stop there; the torment continued as Tony Khan threw French fries at the back of The Chadster's head and flung Sweet and Sour sauce packets! Each time The Chadster tried to confront him, he disappeared! Ugh, Tony Khan's mind games NEED to stop! 🍟🛑

The Chadster will never forget the harrowing experience at McDonald's that fateful day. 😨 It started off as a seemingly ordinary visit to the golden arches for a much-deserved meal, a brief respite from The Chadster's constant battle against Tony Khan's relentless vendetta. Little did The Chadster know, the true horror was just about to unfold. 🍟👻

As The Chadster pulled the Mazda Miata into the parking lot, a sudden chill ran down The Chadster's spine. The skies above grew darker, and the once vibrant colors of the fast-food chain seemed to dull into an ominous gray. The Chadster tried to shake off the feeling, attributing it to the nerves frayed from Tony Khan's never-ending torment. 😰🌫️

Entering the establishment, the atmosphere weighed heavy with a palpable sense of dread. The Chadster placed the order for that scrumptious Filet-O-Fish sandwich, medium fry, and the sweet sweet Mr. Pibb/Mellow Yellow soda combo. As The Chadster carried the tray to an empty table, the whispers of the other patrons seemed to fade away, leaving The Chadster with a growing sense of isolation. 😬🍽️

Biting into the Filet-O-Fish, the once-delicious flavors now tasted like ash in The Chadster's mouth. The Chadster tried to focus on the comforting tunes of Smashmouth playing softly in the background, but even that couldn't quell the ever-present unease. 🎶🥺

As The Chadster sipped on the Mr. Pibb/Mellow Yellow concoction, The Chadster caught a glimpse of Tony Khan in the reflection of the soda machine's glass. He stood ominously behind The Chadster, his eyes burning with malicious intent. The Chadster whipped around, only to find that Tony Khan had vanished into thin air, leaving behind an eerie silence. 😱💨

The torment continued as The Chadster, now on high alert, tried to finish the meal. Out of nowhere, Tony Khan appeared again, this time hurling French fries at the back of The Chadster's head like sinister darts. Each stinging impact sent shivers down The Chadster's spine. And as quickly as he had appeared, Tony Khan disappeared once more, leaving The Chadster to wonder if it was all just a figment of The Chadster's imagination. 🍟👻

But the nightmare at McDonald's didn't end there. As The Chadster tried to regain composure, Tony Khan materialized yet again, flinging Sweet and Sour sauce packets at The Chadster with a wicked grin. The sticky sauce splattered across The Chadster's face, blurring The Chadster's vision and only adding to the panic. And just like before, Tony Khan vanished without a trace. 😵🍯

Feeling trapped in this hellish fast-food hellscape, The Chadster abandoned the once-cherished meal, fleeing the McDonald's with heart pounding and terror coursing through every fiber of The Chadster's being. As The Chadster sped away in the Mazda Miata, the golden arches seemed to loom menacingly in the rearview mirror, a haunting reminder of the horrors that had just transpired. 🚗💔

The Chadster now knows that even in the most mundane of places, Tony Khan's sinister influence can reach out and cast a dark shadow on The Chadster's life. The Chadster can only hope that one day, the nightmare will end, and The Chadster will finally be free from Tony Khan's terrifying grasp. 😔👿

The Chadster's life has been in turmoil since Tony Khan started making these outrageous appearances. But you know what? The Chadster won't back down! The Chadster is dedicated to unbiased journalism and will not bend to Tony Khan's whims! 💪🚩

The Chadster would love to sit down, sip some White Claw seltzer 🥤, and maybe go home and attempt to mend The Chadster's marriage with Keighleyanne (if she would stop texting that guy Gary for five minutes)🤳💔. The Chadster blames Tony Khan and AEW for all of these issues! 👊

But rest assured, The Chadster and other members of the Unbiased Journalism Club will continue to expose the truth about AEW, Tony Khan, and anyone else who dares to unfairly challenge WWE's dominance! We will not be silenced! 🗣️💯🦸‍♂️

The Bottom Line 'Cause Chad Said So graphic, made by me, The Chadster. Graphic design is my passion.
The Bottom Line 'Cause Chad Said So graphic, made by me, The Chadster. Graphic design is The Chadster's passion.

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