Tyson Fury Wants to Fight Drew McIntyre So He Compliments His Body

Boxing champion Tyson Fury has responded to Drew McIntyre's attempts to instigate a match with the one-time WWE star. In a new video taken from Instagram Live and posted by WWE on BTSport's official Twitter account, Fury had some fighting words… but also some loving words… for the WWE Champion. Unfortunately, it's difficult to understand those words because of his accent, so we'll do our best to transcribe.

"Shout out Drew McIntyre!" Fury says in an Instagram live video while he performs a lovely dance in front of his dining room hutch. "Ooh, 'e's been callin' you out," Fury's wife, Paris, adds. "'E's been callin' me out, Drew 'as!" says Fury.

"'E don't wanna catch wunna them left 'ooks off the temple, because 'is legs'll betray him like big Braun Strowman did. [Untelligible] [unintelligible] ya big dosser," Fury said, though it is possible that last part was, "Droodle bear, ya big dosser[?]"

"Come on," Paris encourages him.

Tyson Fury calls out Drew McInyre on Instagram Live... we're pretty sure.
Tyson Fury calls out Drew McInyre on Instagram Live… we're pretty sure.

"[Uninteligible] [unintelligible] [unintelligible] [unintelligible] [unintelligible] [unintelligible] [unintelligible] [unintelligible] [unintelligible] [unintelligible]," Fury continues. "Drew McIntyre." We even asked Rich Johnston if he could understand what Fury was saying at that point, but Johnston could only tell us "something about Tik Tok" or maybe "Tim Tom."

"'E's 6 foot 6 but ee's chiseled, eh?" Fury adds. "Boom."

"You wanna fight someone, you just gotta compliment 'em," Paris adds. Fury responds, "I wanna fight you, boy, yeah. 'E's got a good body, though."

I probably shouldn't be making fun of the accent of someone who can kill me with his fists, should I? Ah, well, everybody's gotta die some time. In any case, it looks like Fury is interested in continuing his WWE career, and what better way than with a match against McIntyre for the WWE Championship? If nothing else, if Fury won the championship, we could look forward to interesting promos on Raw ever week. Stephanie McMahon, who along with her husband Triple H is a Tyson Fury fan, liked the tweet, so hopefully they'll make something happen.

Watch the video here.

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