Uzumaki, Godzilla: Singular Point & More: 5 Anime on Our 2021 Radar

This year granted me the opportunity to catch up on some anime I have been wanting to watch for ages like Hunter x Hunter and Akatsuki No Yona. I know! How did it take me this long to find these anime gems, right? I am really looking forward to a lot of anime returning in 2021 and a lot of new ones that have been announced, We will have My Hero Academia returning, as well as Beastars, The Promised Neverland, Sorcerous Stabber Orphen, Dr. Stone, Fruit Basket, Attack on Titan, and a ton more.

Anime 2021: 5 shows we're keeping track of. (Images: Netflix/Adult Swim/Funimation/screencap)
Anime 2021: 5 shows to keep track of. (Images: Netflix / Adult Swim / Funimation / screencap)

Along with returning series, there are as many interesting new titles being released this year. In the spirit of a great anime-themed 2021, here are five anime in particular that are on my radar:

Shaman King (April 2021): Since I am only allowed one reboot (unfortunately no follow-up seasons) I went with Shaman King. I am so excited to see this anime come back. I love how the animation looks and I loved Yoh Asakura growing up. But since I am not allowed to continue rambling about stuff I am excited to see come back, let's focus on the future…

Godzilla: Singular Point (April 2021): I am mostly interested in this due to nostalgia reasons. I grew up watching Godzilla cartoons, so I always get happy to see new renditions of it. The animation looks beautiful as well. I mean, you can always get me with Godzilla and pretty much anything kaiju. Who does not love all those pretty monsters?

Uzumaki (2021): I cannot begin to describe how exciting it is to know Junji Ito's Uzumaki will be coming to Toonami this year. It seems it will be a 4-episode miniseries in black and white based on the manga, and from just the early glimpses it looks like a true one-of-a-kind..

Platinum End (Fall 2021): Also based on a manga, Platinum End looks stunning and promising. You can always get me with the angels-and-devils concept. The manga is so beautifully illustrated, and it appears that they've gone above and beyond to make sure that the visuals translated onto the small screen.

Kemono Jihen (Jan 2021): Yet another adaptation of a manga by the same name, Kemono Jihen looks to incorporate some of the favorite things that I look for in my anime: Yokai, monsters, and detectives. Another one that looks beautiful and has a promising story in the works.

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