Westworld Star Evan Rachel Wood Talks Season 4, "Reinvention"

During an interview in support of her upcoming movie Kajillionaire, Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood couldn't avoid getting asked about the HBO series and its future. Season 3 was a departure from the previous seasons, and she discussed how the upcoming fourth season will continue to follow that pattern. Just in case you're not up-to-speed on the series so far, here's a "MAJOR SPOILERS WARNING!" because Wood covers some pretty "spoiler" stuff (so you can't say you haven't been warned).

Dolores wants some answers on Westworld, courtesy of HBO.
Dolores wants some answers on Westworld, courtesy of HBO.

Last we saw of Dolores in the third season, she had snuck copies of herself out on host pearls and put them in the heads of host copies of real people, like Delos director Charlotte Hale. Viewers watched Dolores (as they know her) die at the hands (er, wires?) of Rehoboam. We already know she won't be back as we know her, but show creator and writer Jonathan Nolan was quick to reassure us that they love working with Wood and would not be writing her out any time soon.

For Wood, the start of the Season 3 meant she had to readjust and settle back into her character. "Absolutely – it's felt like that every season a bit. Season 3 for sure because that was just shooting a completely different show, but luckily it's still the same people every year, the same crew that's been with us since the beginning. Now we've been doing it for so long, it very much is like a family. And it still – even though the seasons change, it's still just as chaotic behind the scenes, and there's something comforting about that because it doesn't change," Wood explained. "But every season is a reinvention and Jonah [Nolan] made that very clear from the beginning that, you know, tear down the sets after every season and start again. It's bittersweet because you get to know these characters really well and you like them how they are and then you have to come start over every season, but I think that's what keeps it interesting. What's Season 4 gonna be? Even I don't know."

One thing we know for sure about the fourth season is that there will be quite a wait before production returns, and even longer before HBO blesses us with any fresh visuals- and now we know that Dolores will be re-invented, possibly as an all-new version of the character?

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