What If…?: How Disney+ Series Could Revisit Marvel's '70s Series Past

When the first season of Marvel's What If…? was released on Disney+, it barely scratched the surface of the possibilities. While they introduced some interesting concepts like making Chadwick Boseman's T'Challa into Starlord and Hayley Atwell's Peggy Carter taking the super solder serum, there are still a ton of storyline possibilities they can give Marvel fans. Sure, it's been renewed for a second season, but I propose a revisiting of their previous worlds in animated form. I have some examples to come to mind they can revisit since they're reviving the original X-Men Fox animated series to X-Men '97.

Marvel's What If… How Animated Series Can Re-Visit Live-Action Past
Lou Ferrigno in The Incredible Hulk. Image courtesy of Universal

First is the 1977 incarnation of The Incredible Hulk. I think it would be a great honor if we had someone carry the legacy of the Kenneth Johnson-created series. Hire a Bill Bixby soundalike to continue the adventures of David Banner in search of a cure and let Lou Ferrigno reprise the role of the Hulk and yes, let him actually have lines as in the 1996 animated series. I would even try to even recruit Eric Allan Kramer and Rex Smith to see if they would be interested in reprising their roles as Thor and Daredevil from the TV movies.

Marvel's What If… How Animated Series Can Re-Visit Live-Action Past
Nicholas Hammond in The Amazing Spider-Man. Image courtesy of Sony

The second would be the Nicholas Hammond-starred The Amazing Spider-Man (1977), which was pretty derivative of the original comics. Seeing an updated version in animated form could provide a refreshing take on the character since we really haven't seen hardly any stories on our favorite heroes into middle and old age and how they cope with a lifetime of superheroing. While we're at it, I even wouldn't mind seeing Hammond's Spider-Man interact with his 1978 Japanese counterpart in Takuya Yamashiro, played by Shinji Todō, you know, "The Emissary of Hell!" I wouldn't even mind combining the above ideas as a potential pilot for a Marvel '70s-themed animated show with the original actors interacting. Most are still alive, after all. If you need proof a concept can work, I point to Warner Bros' Batman '66 animated films in 2016's Return of the Caped Crusaders and its 2017 sequel Batman vs. Two-Face.

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