What's Miro Doing in the AEW Dynamite Zone?!

Miro made his debut on AEW Dynamite tonight. Miro came out at the end of the Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford promo where Sabian announced his best man for their upcoming wedding, which was itself just announced at the All Out PPV on Saturday. Here's how the segment went down, from our full Dynamite report, which will be available to read tomorrow.

Tony Schiavone is in the ring. He starts to interview Sabian, but Sabian tells Tony to go away. He grabs the mic. He says everyone wants to know who his best man is gonna be. People are all calling him up and asking him all the time since Saturday. Kip wants to get it out of the way, so he introduces the best man. A big fat guy, who Kup call's Puff, comes out. Kip stops him and says he's not the best man, Kip just told him he was the best for subscribing to his Twitch.

Sabian tries again. This time, Brian Pillman Jr. comes out to the ring. Sabian asks him what he's doing here. Brian thanks him. He got his text earlier and he's excited. Sabian says he actually told him "you're the best, man" with a comma. He says they're not even friends. He sends him away.

One more time. It's Miro, formerly known as Rusev. I guess they're Twitch friends. My family is marking out in the living room here. The 10% capacity crowd in Daily's Place is going nuts. They chant Miro Day.

AEW makes it official with a Miro is All Elite graphic.
AEW makes it official with a Miro is All Elite graphic.

Miro then went on to cut the classic "guy who left WWE" promo.

Miro says "10 years in the same house under the same glass cieling with an imaginary brass ring… you can take that brass ring and shove it up your ass!" His name is Miro, and elite recognizes elite. He says he loves Kip and of course he'll be his best man. But Kip picked him not because he's a best man, but the best man. He's the best video gamer on Twitch and the best wrestler. "My name is Miro and I'm All Elite."

Well, if anyone deserves to cut that promo, it's Miro. I mean, I don't know about his video game skills (who the hell has time to watch other people play video games? I'll never understand Twitch), but he's certainly a great wrestler, and the epitome of a guy held back in WWE despite getting over on his own. I'll be looking forward to seeing what he can do in AEW with creative freedom.

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