WWE Raw Report – Who Will Face Drew McIntyre at Clash of Champions?

As our WWE Monday Night Raw report concludes, the triple threat main event is set with Keith Lee, Randy Orton, and Seth Rollins fighting for a shot at the WWE Championship later this month at Clash of the Champions. We've also seen the Iiconics break up, and… other than that, a lot of filler.

The official logo for WWE Monday Night Raw. Credit: WWE.
The official logo for WWE Monday Night Raw. Credit: WWE.

WWE Raw Report for August 31st, 2020 Part 4

The Street Profits come to the ring, solo cups raining from the sky. I wonder if they use new solo cups every week, or if WWE pays someone to collect them all off the floor so they can drop them again, which would be the more environmentally responsible option. Maybe they can use that to guilt, Daniel Bryan into doing it for free. Andrade and Angel Garza come out with Zelina Vega and Demi Burnett, the chick from The Bachelor who I guess must have a WWE contract at this point since she's here every week.

The Street Profits vs. Andrade and Angel Garza – Tornado Tag Match

  • Pretty much right at the start, they do the spot where the heels try to double-superplex Montez Ford, but Angelo Dawkins powerbombs all three of them, which sets up a Raw commercial break.
  • Andrade and Garza beat down Angelo Dawkins after the break. Ford is laid out outside.
  • Dawkins makes a two-on-one comeback leading to a bulldog and a pin on Andrade, but Garza breaks it up.
  • The heels regain control, but now Montez Ford is awake.
  • Now Ford makes the comeback. He's riled up. He shakes the ropes… and the power starts blinking out.
  • Angel grabs Demi and makes a break for it.
  • Retribution surrounds the ring. Uh… no contest, I guess?

This time there are at least a dozen members of Retribution. Three who are women beat up Zelina Vega outside while the rest attack the three men left in the ring. After 30 seconds or so, they run away, and Raw goes to commercials. They may be non-political Antifa anarchists, but they know how to hit timing cues, dammit!

Tom Phillips is really shaken up by that attack, so to comfort himself, he shows us a replay of the thing we saw literally right before the commercial break. Do you know why Raw is so long? Because everything that happens, they play twice. Backstage, Adam Pearce yells at the security guards that failed him tonight.

Shane McMahon has The Iiconics with him at Raw Underground. They are still dejected from being forced to break up for losing a match earlier.

Raw Underground – Jessamyn Duke vs. Avery Taylor

  • Duke kicks the crap out of her and wins.

Another random woman gets in the ring and gets in Jessamyn Duke's face, so Marina Shafir jumps in.

Raw Underground – Marina Shafir vs. Jobber

  • Shafir wins.

Shane asks if anyone else wants any. Peyton Royce throws Billie Kay into the ring.

Raw Underground – Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shaffir vs. Billie Kay

  • Billie gets knocked out.

Wow, what a shocking and cold betrayal by Peyton Royce with zero explanation. Also, what a trio of useless "matches." To wash the taste of stark betrayal away, Tom Phillips plays some recaps of the Hurt Business nonsense from earlier tonight. Apollo Crews, Ricochet, and Cedric Alexander are outside Raw Underground. Charly Caruso accosts them and talks about all the ways they've failed lately. She asks if Apollo thinks it's a good idea to face Shelton Benjamin in Raw Underground. Apollo says the old Apollo might have thought so, but the new Apollo feels differently. Ricochet says they'll win with the power of friendship. Yes, these guys are incredibly loyal to each other. Mustafa Ali, who? Raw goes to commercials.

Riott Squad, Hurt Business, and Angel Garza will be on Raw talk tonight, in case three hours of this aren't enough for people. Backstage, Shane McMahon introduces the Raw Underground main event. Apollo Crews is in the ring. Hurt Business arrives.

Raw Underground – Shelton Benjamin vs. Apollo Crews

  • Benjamin seems to have the advantage in the beginning, mounting Crews.
  • Crews gets an arm submission on, and Benjamin dumps him out of the ring.
  • Now all of Hurt Business brawl with Crews, Alexander, and Ricochet.
  • Hurt Business chokes out their opponents individually. Shane declares them the winners.

Demi Burnett accuses Angel Garza of abandoning everyone earlier. Garza says they're trained fighters, but what concerned him was her safety. They're heading for an exit… but Retribution bust in the door. Garza runs away, leaving Burnett alone. Retribution walks slowly after her while she runs away, because they may be lawless miscreants, but they're not going to force an untrained person to take a bump!

Randy Orton comes to the ring. Then Keith Lee. Then Seth Rollins.

Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins vs. Keith Lee – WWE Championship Opportunity Triple Threat

  • Rollins wants to team up with Orton to take on Lee.
  • Orton rolls out of the ring instead. He tells Rollins he's got this. "I already worked tonight."
  • Rollins rolls out and argues with Orton. He says Orton agreed to team up with him. Orton says he changed his mind. Lee pulls Rollins back into the ring by his hair.
  • Lee beats up Rollins, and then Orton attacks him from behind.
  • Lee tosses Orton into the corner and then Rollins into Orton. He tries to splash them but gets dumped to the apron. Then he hits a slingshot crossbody onto both men.
  • Raw goes to commercials.
  • Lee slingshots right into a kick from Rollins after the break, and he falls outside.
  • Rollins hits a knee off the apron, and Orton slams Lee into the announce table, which doesn't break. The Raw announce table remains undefeated!
  • Rollins and Orton toss Lee into the steel stairs.
  • Now they're working together well. They lift Lee up and bring him in the ring.
  • Orton attacks Rollins when they get in and hits his hanging DDT, but Rollins kicks out.
  • Orton gets ready for an RKO on Rollins, but Rollins blocks it and hits a falcon arrow. Orton kicks out.
  • As Rollins gets ready for a Stomp, Lee gets back up. He kicks Rollins and Orton's asses and tosses Rollins into Orton, knocking both outside.
  • Lee shoulder-tackles Orton and Orton flies about ten feet.
  • Rollins tries a suicide dive, but Lee catches him and flips him onto the announce desk (still undefeated).
  • Lee brings Rollins inside, but Rollins reverses a powerslam into a rollup.
  • Some kicks from Rollins, and now he wants to hit the stomp on Lee.
  • But Lee reverses it to a Spirit Bomb.
  • Then Orton hits Lee with the RKO and pins Rollins.

So Lee remains protected, and Orton gets some of his heat back. Now he'll face McIntyre at Clash of Champions and, if I had to guess, win. Then, perhaps, begin a feud with Lee.

So Raw wasn't bad tonight. It's too long. Far too long. But it continues to be… better… since moving to the Thunderdome. Some things are annoying, like the way they're dragging out this Retribution story. The last segment was them entering the building again, but… they didn't do anything? I'm ready for the masks to come off already. I hope they're not dragging this out to Survivor Series. I'm also not sure why they would break up the Iiconics. Maybe they'll just feud with each other for a little bit and then team up again.

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