WWE Smackdown – Jey Uso, the Last Person to See Roman's Heel Turn

Another brutal attack! Someone gets served! An Intercontinental Championship love triangle! And a Samoan Street Fight! All of that in part two of Bleeding Cool's Smackdown Report…

The official logo for WWE Friday Night Smackdown.
The official logo for WWE Friday Night Smackdown.

WWE Smackdown Report for September 18th, 2020 Part 2

When we left off in part one, Sasha Banks was getting ready for an interview. But first, Michael Cole wants us to watch a video, narrated by Paul Heyman, talking about the bloodline of Roman Reigns. Heyman makes the case that the Anoa'i family is the most prestigious in all of wrestling, which is a credible argument. He talks up both Roman and Jey Uso and their relationship as "cousins who might as well be brothers." But of course, Roman Reigns, the Tribal Chief, is the leader of the family and he's gonna win at Clash of Champions.

Now it's time for the Sasha Banks interview. Sasha is seated at the WWE Performance Center, wearing a neck brace.

Smackdown Interview – Sasha Banks

Michael Cole starts to ask a question but then literally stops mid-way through so he can play a recap video of Bayley's attack on Sasha two weeks ago. He asks Sasha what the extent of her injuries are. Sasha says she still here. Cole asks her about Bayley's statement that she was only attacking Sasha before Sasha had the chance to attack her. Sasha says Bayley was using her, and now she's useless to her.

She heard everything Bayley said last week, and she can't help but be filled with emotions as she sits at the Performance Center, a place she and Bayley helped build and where they came up together. They told the world they'd take over WWE together, and they did. And they inspired lots of women to follow in their footsteps. Sasha gets nostalgic about all the Sasha and Bayley memorabilia at the Performance Center. She breaks into tears for a moment.

Sasha says Bayley is an idiot and naive. She's nothing without Sasha. So since Sasha is useless to Bayley no, one day she'll take the one thing Bayley loves: her Smackdown Women's Championship.

Bayley comes from off-camera and attacks Sasha. She puts a chair around her neck again. Trainers surround Sasha to prevent Bayley from stomping on the chair. Smackdown takes a commercial break again.

Sasha is still recovering after the commercials. Meanwhile, in the Thunderdome, there are LED fans, not cardboard cutouts, Michael Cole assures us. AJ Styles comes out to the ring. Sami Zayn comes out. Sami has his illegitimate Intertoncontinental Championship belt with him. he berates the ring announcer for not calling him the champion, and Styles attacks him.

AJ Styles vs. Sami Zayn

  • Styles tosses Zayn in the ring and the match begins.
  • Sami seems more aggressive than usual. Maybe it's the hair and beard.
  • It's a decent match. AJ wins with a rollup, grabbing the tights.

Zayn attacks Styles after the match and then demands the ring announced declare him still champ. Jeff Hardy runs out and attacks Zayn. He grabs a ladder and takes out both Zayn and Styles with it. He hits a Twist of Fate on Zayn, then sets up the ladder. He climbs it, but Zayn runs away.

Hardy asks for a microphone. he says he's sick and tired of this whole situation. He's tired of being called a cheat and a fraud. At Clash of Champions, he'll fight both of these guys in a triple threat ladder match for the Intercontinental Championship. Well, that should be a good match.

Otis is complaining to Tucker in the locker room when he's served with a lawsuit. The Miz is suing him I guess. Smackdown goes to commercials, then comes back to Tucker reading all the charges in the lawsuit. The lawsuit wants Otis to forfeit the Money in the Bank contract or else he'll go to court. He has one week to decide. I'm pretty sure that's not how court works.

Elsewhere backstage, Sheamus and Baron Corbin talk to the security guard who Sheamus used to lure Big E to a beatdown a few weeks back. Sheamus says he owes him. The guard says he was told Sheamus's car is being towed. They go to the parking lot and Big E is waiting for him. Sheamus runs and Big E beats up the security guard and slams him on a car hood. Smackdown takes another commercial break.

We see another video for Carmella. In this one, she's getting dressed behind a screen. Then she steps out and turns around into the camera, still hiding her face. Too late, Carmella. Someone spotted your tattoo last week.

Roman Reigns comes out with Paul Heyman. Reigns says he came out first because he doesn't want there to be any confusion. This is his yard, his ring, and his WWE, and if you want it, come and take it from him. Jey Uso comes out. Then Smackdown takes a commercial break so they can burn more time and there will be less than ten minutes left by the time the entrances are done. You don't expect Roman to work a twenty-minute match on a Friday, do you? Eventually, it gets going.

Roman Reigns and Jey Uso vs. Sheamus and Baron Corbin – Samoan Street Fight

  • So AEW had an amazing Parking Lot Brawl on Dynamite on Wednesday, and everybody loved it. The next day, WWE booked this Street Fight. MY GOD, THEY RIP OFF EVERYTHING! (R.I.P., Hyatte). Can it possibly live up to the Parking Lot Brawl? Highly doubtful.
  • Weapons used in this match: a chair. A table. Another chair (this one with wheels). The announce table.
  • That announce table: still undefeated, by the way, even after eating a Samoan Drop from Reigns to Sheamus with both of them on top of it.
  • The finish: Uso hits Corbin with the championship. Reigns spears him. Uso hits a frogsplash and gets the pin.

Uso is happy after the match, but Roman is concerned Uso touched his title. Jey picks it up and looks at it and pretends like he's gonna raise it up, but then tosses it to Roman. Roman looks extremely unhappy, but then he smiles. They hug—a long hug. Uso wants Reigns to leave with him, but Reigns stays in the ring. After Uso walks away, Roman's smile turns to a frown, and Smackdown ends on that note.

There was some good stuff on Smackdown tonight. The Reigns/Uso storyline is moving along nicely, with Jey Uso just a little bit behind everyone else in figuring out his cousin has made a heel turn. Sasha/Bayley is something we've all been waiting for for a long time. The Intercontinental Championship love triangle is alright too.

There was some bad stuff on Smackdown. I've had more than enough of The Miz and John Morrison and anything to do with Otis. Miz and Morrison are obnoxious, which is fine because they're supposed to be hated, but Otis is also obnoxious. And I'm not sure Miz and Morrison have what it takes to make him seem sympathetic. He's just a giant dumbass. How are you supposed to get behind that? I don't really have any reason to care about the slow breakup of Lucha House Party because WWE never bothered to give them any character development before this. Well, maybe on 205 Live, I guess, but who the hell watches that? And haven't we all seen enough of Nikki Cross vs. Bayley?

In the wait and see department, we've got a feud between Big E and Sheamus and this Alexa Bliss Fiend stuff. All in all, that's not bad for a WWE show.

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