WWE TLC – Roman Retains Title With the Help of Jey Uso…Again

Kevin Owens has long been the man to take megalomaniacs down a peg or two, and he vowed to humble Roman Reigns once and for all and in the WWE's TLC fifth match of the night. For the past few weeks, the two men have gone blow for blow, and if not for Roman's family constantly stepping in, Owens may have successfully upset the Big Dog's reign. Owens has accused Roman more than once of using his family as pawns, and despite the beatings he has taken from the champion's family, he has refused to step down.

Roman Reigns defends the Universal Championship against Kevin Owens at WWE TLC
Roman Reigns defends the Universal Championship against Kevin Owens at WWE TLC.

WWE TLC Results Part 6

In this match, all tables, ladders, and chairs are legal in the ThunderDome, and no count outs or pitfalls would count towards victory; the only way to win in this fight is climbing the ladder and seizing the Universal Championship belt. Roman entered the ring first, followed by his manager, Paul Heyman, lauded by the disdain of the crowd. While Roman watched as the official raised his belt high above the ring, Kevin flew into the ring and used the element of surprise to gain a small advantage over his opponent.

The strategy clearly worked early on, with Owens throwing Roman out of the ring and landing a slew of brutal blows against the champion. Roman's eyes rolled into the back of his head as he was thrown in the barrier, into the steel steps, and into the floor as Kevin Owens landed a bullseye frog splash on him from the top rope. Not even Jey Uso attempting a sneak attack of his own would throw Owens off his attack. He gave a one-two-one-two with a steel chair against the cousins with all the barbarity of a man possessed.

In the most ruthless displays of violence of the WWE TLC event, Kevin Owens sent Jey out of the ThunderDome with what looked like a broken foot. Roman was down out for long, however, and took advantage of Owens' distraction and launched an attack of his own. He lifted the steel stairs above his head and slammed them onto a pain Kevin Owens over and over again, with the vibe of this match moving from sporting to personal, and even Paul Heyman seemed disturbed by the brutality. Owens could not escape the attack even as Roman dragged him back into the ring. He tried to kick at Romans but was answered in kind with a steel ladder to the chest.

Clearly disgruntled by the earlier attack, Roman picked out a few chairs ringside and brought them back to his opponent in the ring. Again and again, the crowd booed the current Universal Champion as he slammed the chair over and over again on Kevin Owens, who weakly tried to defend himself in a futile attempt. Roman launched Kevin overhead into two steel chairs and babbled incoherent threats at the man, clearly taking his "head of the table" moniker into a new vein of madness. Lucky for Kevin, Roman was distracted from his torturous onslaught when he tried to climb the ladder towards his title belt and managed to slam a chair directly into Roman's spine. Kevin managed to get his hands on the belt after climbing the ladder but was once again thwarted by Jey Uso.

Again handicapped by a two on one match and a well-timed superman punch from Roman, Kevin writhed in the center of the ring while Jey handed table after table to his cousin. Due to there being no rules against this in the match, all of the unfair advantages allotted to Roman by Jey were perfectly legal, and the crowd was forced to helplessly watch as Roman stomped and punished Kevin Owens. Living up to his notable "just keep fighting" mantra, Owens refused to go quietly into the night and fought off both men before they could finish the match once and for all. Kevin landed a fierce RKO on Roman and then a pop-up powerbomb to Jey against the announcer's table.

Although Kevin quickly got back into the ring to climb a ladder and get his fingertips on the belt, Roman refused to let his attempt go uncontested and blocked his opponent's attempt for victory. Roman ripped Kevin Owens off of the ladder and threw him into a table within the ring, bouncing Kevin's head off the ring like a basketball. As Kevin laid weakly outside the ring, Roman once again picked the man up and threw him into a table. Making no attempt to go for the title belt, Roman picked up the WWE TLC ringside debris and threw it down onto Owens in a vicious blitz of assaults, finishing him off with a Samoan drop through yet another table.

Finally satisfied with his attack, Roman sauntered into the ring with little to no urgency, laughing at Kevin's weak attempts to stop him. He taunted Kevin, claiming he was "embarrassing his family" before spearing him through a table. The camera focused on Kevin crawling around the ring, shouting to Roman that he would have to kill him if he wanted him to stop fighting. Roman took the bait and charged at Kevin to give him one final spear through the barricade, but Kevin smartly sidestepped the attack and rushed into the ring to climb the ladder to victory.

Roman refused to let a potential shoulder injury stop and rushed after Kevin, pulling him from the ladder and staring down his challenger with disdain. Each man exchanged blows before Kevin power-bombed Roman through one of the last tables left in the arena. Jey Uso attempted yet again to stop Kevin's climb to the belt but was quickly dispelled and quickly replaced by Roman, who landed a low blow on his opponent before using a guillotine to choke him out. Despite his tenacity and cheers from the crowd, Kevin was no match for Roman and his pawn and ultimately fell to the Head of the Table. Roman slowly and weakly climbed the ladder for the last time of the match and lamely pulled the belt from its exalted tier. While Kevin struggled to catch his breath, the crowd jeered Roman and his heavily assisted triumph for the WWE Universal Championship title.

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