Young Bucks Civil War? Matt Jackson vs. Nick Jackson Set for BTE 200

Being the Elite is gearing up for a milestone episode 200, and now we know what the main event will be. Like the Civil War, it will be brother vs. brother as Nick Jackson takes on Matt Jackson. The match was decided based on the results of the Under the Limit Battle Royale, which took place on Being the Elite 199 Part Two Tuesday. The main event will be the culmination of Nick Jackson's injury storyline and, provided he wins, signal a return to AEW Dynamite.

Just as Matt Hardy laid out the rules for a squash match in Being the Elite 199 Part One, the Broken one described the rules of the Under the Limit Battle Royale. The first rule is that every sixty seconds, a new person comes in. Rule number two is that you can enter the ring in groups of two if you're jobbers. Rule number three is that the winner of the match gets to main event Being the Elite episode 200 and choose his match.

Nick Jackson Wins the Under the Limit Battle Royale at Being the Elite 199 Part Two

The Under the Limit Battle Royale began with Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky as the first two competitors. The SoCal Uncensored teammates battled it out in the PWG ring the Young Bucks rented to place on the BTE Compound during the coronavirus pandemic. Christopher Daniels was the third man to enter the ring, and he broke up the fight between his teammates to encourage them to work together to win the match. However, Kazarian and Sky turned on Daniels, eliminating him from the match. Matt Jackson came in next and was tag-teamed by Kazarian and Sky. Jackson made a comeback and superkicked Sky out of the ring.

A pair of jobbers, Simon Lotto and Steven Andrews, came out next. They wrestled SCU in Being the Elite 199 Part One in the Squash Match. This time, they got some offense in. Peter Avalon came out next and tried to land a flying crossbody on all four men. They dodged and teamed upon him, however, and after a kick to the balls by Kazarian, Avalon eliminated himself rather than be superkicked out by Jackson. Brandon Cutler entered next but was immediately eliminated by Jackson.

Next, Nick Jackson came out and had better luck than Avalon with the crossbody. He then left the ring and ran to the other side of the tennis/basketball court, where he defeated Scorpio Sky in an "NBA Jam" by jumping off Sky's back for a dunk. He then returned to the ring and eliminated Lotto and Andrews. Announced, Excalibur revealed that Kazarian was eliminated off-camera during the dunk contest. The Jacksons faced off, but Kazarian emerged from under the ring, not eliminated after all, and nearly eliminated Nick Jackson, who did manage to eliminate Kazarian in retaliation.

Finally, Matt Jackson did his best to eliminate his brother, who was positioned on the ring apron after eliminating Kazarian. Eventually, Matt Jackson also made his way to the apron. The brothers exchanged blows, and Nick Jackson delivered a German Suplex on the outside to eliminate his brother. As the winner, Jackson chose to face his brother in the main event of Being the Elite 200 next week. Nick Jackson said winning the match would prove he's ready to return to the ring after being injured by a garaged door on an episode of AEW Dynamite weeks ago.


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