In March 2017, Marvel Brought In More Money But DC Comics Made More Sales

3061358-inline-i-2-half-marvelYou run one story about Amazing Spider-Man #25 topping the March 2017 North American comic store charts and suddenly everyone wants to tell me things.

The full figures, including the top 10 for US and Canadian comic stores, will be released later today.

But what I can tell you is that, in March 2017, Marvel was the top comics publisher by the amount of money spent ordering their product by the direct market. A position which they have mostly held, year in, year out, for some considerable time.

But for March, more stores ordered DC Comics titles. The differences explained by most Marvel Comics costing $3.99 or $4.99, while most DC Comics cost $2.99 or $3.99.

And of course getting triple the usual sales on a $9.99 Amazing Spider-Man must have really helped those figures too.

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