Nerd Home: Sailor Moon Wax Melts From Starlit Creations!

Starlit Creations makes some awesome things. From cosplay, to swag bags, to patches, there's something for everyone here. Recently I got a hold of their newest item, wax melts! These are Sailor Moon-shaped ones, specifically Luna and Sailor Mars.

sailor moon wax

The scents are fall appropriate too! Luna is pumpkin spice, while Sailor Mars is vanilla bean. I went with the pumpkin spice melt for today, since we are in the middle of October. The wax melts very evenly and quickly, and you only need one of these to make your space smell amazing. It's not overpowering, and it lasts a good, long while. I've had mine burning for a few hours and it still smells fresh. If you're able to get some, do it! These will not let you down!

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