Marvel Comics Take Further Legal Action Over Skull Use

Marvel Comics have, in the past, gone after weapons manufacturers such Molon Labe over their use of a skull logo that was similar to that used by their character, the Punisher. Long teeth, no jaw….

Well now they have their eyes set on a few other uses.

HTT Group, for "parts of motorcycles, namely, master cylinders, brake levers and shift levers; structural parts of motorcycles; components and parts of motorcycles, namely, handle bar ends, bolts toppers, chain guards, crash bars, derby cover, aerodynamic fairing bolts and fairing kit for vehicles, foot pegs, frame slider, gas cap, grab rails, handlebar grips, handlebar riser, horn cover, kickstand, lamp clamp, lowering links, luggage rack, mirror block off base plates, fitted motorcycle cover, radiator grille guard cover, saddlebag bracket, seats, sissy bar, backrest, stator cover, stay bracket, switching housing cover, and windscreen…"

Loyalty Bound LLC of Texas for Insulating sleeve holders for beverage cans – which is made only slightly more suspect for their other trademark applications for Chris Kyle Warrior an Chris Kyle – The Legend. Kyle, now movie-famous as "the American Sniper" also used imagery from The Punisher.

But, because it's not all skulls, Web Guru Enterprise LLC for their HULQ service as an "Online automotive leasing platform aimed to assist consumers in obtaining competitive lease pricing while providing dealers with the optimal opportunity for capturing new business, namely, platform as a service (PAAS) featuring computer software platforms for obtaining pricing and offers for leasing cars from automobile dealers; online automotive leasing platform wherein dealers will be given access to competitors offers, leveling the playing field while creating urgency and competition resulting in aggressive pricing, namely, platform as a service (PAAS) featuring computer software platforms for bidding on leasing offers from consumers in the field of vehicles; online automotive leasing platform, namely, platform as a service (PAAS) featuring computer software platforms for leasing vehicles; web based automotive leasing platform, namely, providing a website featuring on-line non-downloadable software that enables users to manage leasing offers for automobiles."

To the courts with them!

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