Pokémon GO Fans Won't Be Able To Play Due To USAF GPS Jamming

Leave it to the U.S. Air Force to cause what will probably be one of the biggest gaming outages in the history of the country. According to The Drive, the service will be doing a series of training exercises commonly known as Red Flag, which is happening at Nellis Air Force Base just outside of Las Vegas. Part of the event includes a GPS blackout, which will cover most of the western United States, being one of the biggest blackouts in the entire history of the USAF. The disruptions will run from January 26th to February 16th, meaning that millions of Pokémon GO players who rely on GPS in order to play the game will end up not be able to play it for hours at a time over the course of three weeks.

Before you start complaining to Niantic or any of your cellphone providers, there's really nothing they can do about it since this is a government-controlled event and they are basically giving the USAF full permission to take down the GPS in order to carry it out. It should also be noted that this will kill any GPS service in use, including more important things like Uber and Lyft, emergency services, and a wide-array of other things that require GPS. However, if you've ever wanted to know what kinda living off the grid was like in a major city, you'll soon discover what that's like as well.

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