Zack Snyder Drops Biggest Clue Yet That the Snyder Cut of Justice League Is Real

Hang onto your hats, fellow Snyderbronies! The Snyder Cut of Justice League is real, and with enough websites, surveys, and historic marches on Burbank, it could one day be ours!

But fellow Snyderbrony, you say, they've told us that a Snyder Cut doesn't exist! They say it would cost too much money, and only the footage by alleged fake feminist Joss Whedon is finished enough to release! Well, all of that may have been considered conventional wisdom, but the latest evidence from Zack "The Mack" Snyder himself tells a shockingly different story.

Are you ready for this? Zack Snyder liked an article about the Snyder Cut on social media platform Vero! We know! And it gets even better. The headline of the article was "Zack Snyder's Cut of Justice League Was More Complete Than You Realize." As you can see in the photographic evidence posted on Twitter below, Snyder liked this tweet from his verified account.

Of course, you might be thinking that just because a Snyder cut exists doesn't mean that Warner Bros. is going to release it. While this may be as close to proof as we're likely to get, there's no evidence that Warner Bros. is willing to give it to us. But that isn't so!

Recently, Warner Bros.'s subsidiary, DC Comics, announced that writer Scott Snyder will take over the Justice League comic book. Snyder's run on the book will launch out of a weekly event in May called No Justice. In other words, following a period of "no justice," DC Comics is going to give readers a Snyder Cut of Justice League in June. Could the hidden message be any clearer?

All of this is based on careful, educated speculation and reading between the lines, of course, but we don't see how it can possibly be taken any other way.

Release the Snyder Cut, Warner Bros.! Now that we know you have it, we'll write a thousand more clickbait articles about it if we have to.

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