Games Workshop Pre-Orders Include a Whole Lot of Fish and Flies

The pre-order section of the Warhammer Community page has just been updated with a whole ton of Games Workshop goodies, and this week's offering run the full gamut between deep-sea elves, festering daemons, and a little diversity in the Grim Future of the Forty-First Millennium! Let's take a look at all the coolness!

//Credit: Games Workshop

The Idoneth Deepkin gets their own Start Collecting box, which marks a really good opportunity to pick up a good chunk of this army for a lot less money than buying the units individually.

The Deepkin Start Collecting box contains one full unit of Namarti Thralls, a full unit of those awesome looking Akhelian Guard (those are the knights on the eels), and the Isharren Soulrender to lead them all into battle.

I've painted a lot of these figures, and they're not only easy to assemble, but they're also a blast to paint. You cut your imagination loose and have fun with color since you're painting a bunch of underwater elves. Seriously fun stuff!

//Credit: Games Workshop

The Maggotkin of Nurgle also get their own Start Collecting box, and it's also a great deal for players looking to hop onto the Nurgle train.

This Start Collecting box contains the gruesome Lord of Blights as a leader, with some mounted Pusgoyle Blightlords to back him up, and a heavy infantry squad just for good measure.

The Maggotkin of Nurgle is a completely different type of fun to paint- if you're looking for an opportunity to really stretch out your painting skills, these guys can be a really rewarding project!

//Credit: Games Workshop

Severina Raine is coming to tabletops everywhere! This Imperial Guard Commissar is the star of her own book from Rachel Harrison, and will be playable in both Warhammer: 40,000 and Warhammer 40,000: Killteam. The miniature is fantastic, and Commissar Raine looks like a great addition to the 40k mythos:

Severina Raine serves as Commissar for the 11th Antari Rifles, an Astra Militarum regiment assigned to the Bale Stars, where a sinister Chaos cult known as the Sighted threaten the Imperium's rule. As the secrets of the Sighted come to light and illuminate the darkness of Raine's troubled past, she must cling to the Commissar's creed, and have faith that the Emperor will bring victory.

All of these models should be available for pre-order now, contact your local Games Workshop stockist or independent retailer for more information!

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