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Games Workshop Brings Stompy Cool Ambot to Necromunda!
Not only that, but these incredibly versatile kits look like they will make for some fierce kit-bash options for regular Warhammer 40k armies! Credit:// Games Workshop While we've previewed the Ambot before, we've not looked at the whole story You see, while the models we've shown you are just an example of the Ambots you can build using the[...]
Games Workshop Pre-Orders Include a Whole Lot of Fish and Flies
The miniature is fantastic, and Commissar Raine looks like a great addition to the 40k mythos: Severina Raine serves as Commissar for the 11th Antari Rifles, an Astra Militarum regiment assigned to the Bale Stars, where a sinister Chaos cult known as the Sighted threaten the Imperium's rule As the secrets of the Sighted come to[...]