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Marvel's Spider-Geddon Will Focus On Miles Morales

Focusing on fan-favorite Spider-Man Miles Morales in Marvel's upcoming Spider-Man-centric event Spider-Geddon, was the talk of the of the town in the Marvel Comics: Spider-Man panel at NYCC. Granted, there was plenty of discussion about a bunch of other Spider-Man titles that are out on comic stands everywhere or will be in the coming months. […]

Geoff Johns Hints About The Future of Stargirl And (Possibly) Seeing Nightwing

This year's DC Spotlight on Geoff Johns at New York Comic Con did its best to offers fans of DC Comics a look into the future of certain DC TV shows on the DC Universe streaming service. With Titans debuting shortly and Geoff Johns personally overseeing the production of Stargirl, the comic book creator had […]

The Incredibly Insane And Bombastic Preacher Panel At SDCC

If you're not aware of it, there's an incredibly insane, bombastic, and generally amazing show going on over on AMC. It's called Preacher and you really need to check it out.  To kick off this year's Preacher panel over in Hall H, a marching band made its way through the audience, playing music in the […]

You Better Go Go Read The New Power Rangers Comic

If you're not currently reading any of the Power Rangers comics as produced by Boom! Studios, then you are doing yourself a tremendous disservice. With writer Kyle Higgins taking the stage front and center in bringing the world of the Mighty Moprhin Power Rangers to the comic book page, a new world has been revealed. […]

Nothing Ground-Breaking But We Had A Lot Of Fun At The Funimation Panel At SDCC

This year at the Funimation panel there may not have been any ground-breaking news, but some fun info was provided. For fans of anime, Funimation is a never-ending treasure trove of beloved television shows and movies, both new and old. It's the home of everything from Dragon Ball Z to more recent shows like My […]

Stephen King's The Mist TV Series Gets Its First Trailer

News surfaced several months back that Stephen King's short story The Mist was going to be made into a live-action TV show. Now, along with additional details, a teaser trailer has been released. In 2007 there was a movie made of The Mist, based off the story in King's 1980 horror anthology Dark Forces. The […]

There's A Lot (More) Happening In Season 2 Of Preacher

While at SXSW a couple weeks ago, there was a startling amount of panels, movies, and TV shows one could attend. Featuring films that aren't going to be hitting theaters for months and panels with news on upcoming shows, there was a wealth of information to be found. One of the panels I went to […]

Talking To Jeff Lemire About His Royal City

When he began in comics over a decade ago, Jeff Lemire started off on the indie side of things. Since then, he's forged a path that's taken him from everything to Marvel and DC Comics to everything in between. With an impressive body of work to his name, the creator keeps churning out book after […]

The (11th) Doctor Is A Fabulously Problematic Creature- With Si Spurrier

I'm a massive Doctor Who fan. In fact, I'm coming right out and declaring myself a Whovian through and through. From the TV show and the audio stories, to the books and the comics, I do my best to keep up with the Doctor and his many adventures. Currently, Titan Comics is doing marvellous work with […]

Discussing The 10th Doctor With Nick Abadzis

Most everyone has a favorite Doctor. In recent years, the 10th Doctor, as played by the always-amazing David Tennant, has proved time and again to be one of Doctor Who's most popular Doctors. That brings us to Mr. Abadzis. Currently penning the adventures of the Time Lord's Tenth incarnation, I've been constantly impressed by the […]

Talking Power Rangers With Kyle Higgins

When I was five or six years old a friend of mine introduced me to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. From there, I was hooked. Coming onto the scene back in 1993, Power Rangers changed pop culture forever. There hadn't been much like it on American television, minus Voltron and one or two other shows, but […]

Entering Peter J. Tomasi's House of Penance

By Octavio Karbank Peter J. Tomasi has worked on some iconic books over the years. From serving as an editor at DC Comics, to jumping to the other side of the desk and penning comics like Superman/Wonder Woman and Batman and Robin; the man has talent. Now comes his latest work from Dark Horse Comics: […]

New Spider-Man Fan Film Celebrates Miles Morales

In the relatively short time since he first appeared on the comic page, character Miles Morales has garnered a tremendous fan following. Taking up the mantle of Peter Parker, the first Spider-Man, is no easy feat, but despite the bumps and bruises along the way, Miles has proved himself a worthy successor. With that in […]

It's Donnie Yen Versus Mike Tyson In New Ip Man 3 Posters can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Ip Man 3 Official Teaser Trailer #1 (2015) – Donnie Yen, Mike Tyson Action Movie HD ( Donnie Yen continues his legendary Ip Man film series, chronicling the life of the man who trained Bruce Lee, with Ip Man 3! I can't tell you how excited this […]

It's Trunks Vs. Cell In New Dragon Ball Z Fan Film can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Dragon Ball Z: The Fall of Men [OFFICIAL] ( Here you have a 25-minute fan film that soars past anything Dragonball: Evolution could've ever hoped to accomplish. If Dragon Ball Super is also not giving you your DBZ fix, then make way for BlackSmokeFilms's Dragon Ball Z: […]

Talking To Tim Daniel About Enormous And The Monsters Within

By Octavio Karbank OK: You're currently writing Enormous. Let's talk about that. Tim Daniel: Enormous started a year and a half ago. Originally, we published a 64-page one-shot in 2012. The idea was originally conceived as something a little more sprawling. The one-shot forced us to cover a lot of ground really quickly, i.e. the […]

Talking With Brian Schirmer On Black Jack Ketchum And What's Next

By Octavio Karbank There are many writers in the world, but talking to someone relatively new to a particular industry, in this case comic books, tends to be a different experience from interviewing a veteran of the art. Here we have Mr. Brian Schirmer, and while you might not have heard of him yet, odds […]

A (Quick) Talk On Comics And Writing With Fred Van Lente

By Octavio Karbank Usually when I interview comic book writers, the focus of our conversations centers on the books they're working on. Yet I occasionally try and shift these talks into discussing writing theory and what it means to create stories. I oftentimes receive intriguing responses, and such was the case when I met with […]