It's Trunks Vs. Cell In New Dragon Ball Z Fan Film

Here you have a 25-minute fan film that soars past anything Dragonball: Evolution could've ever hoped to accomplish. If Dragon Ball Super is also not giving you your DBZ fix, then make way for BlackSmokeFilms's Dragon Ball Z: The Fall of Men.

Reimagining The History of Trunks somewhat, this truly awesome movie hits the audience square in the feels. One of the most impressive DBZ-related fan films I've ever watched, it goes to show you don't need to be ridiculous, or try and get everything right, like Goku's hairdo, to make a great film. If you're a Dragon Ball Z fan, then watch this! Make sure you're ready to have your heart broken, only to have it pieced together again as this brilliant YouTube channel pays respect to the legendary anime series in a way that will leave you wanting more!

Octavio Karbank is a writer and bona fide Whovian. Living in Massachusetts, you can find him on Twitter @TymeHunter and his blog