The Incredibly Insane And Bombastic Preacher Panel At SDCC

The Incredibly Insane And Bombastic Preacher Panel At SDCC

If you're not aware of it, there's an incredibly insane, bombastic, and generally amazing show going on over on AMC. It's called Preacher and you really need to check it out.  To kick off this year's Preacher panel over in Hall H, a marching band made its way through the audience, playing music in the vain of something you'd hear in New Orleans, before finally arriving to the stage; a fittingly bizarre introduction to an already gnarly show.

From there, the panel itself began and Chris Hardwick as the moderator introduced Seth Rogen and the cast of Preacher, before we got to see the trailer for the rest of Season 2. The trailer itself showed off a bunch of things, from the Saint of Killers having made his way down to New Orleans, to Jesse declaring he knows where God is, and even the introduction for the character Herr Star, showing off his tremendous presence.

After the trailer, which was met by a thunderous roar of applause, the actors, including Dominic Cooper, Ruth Negga, Joseph Gilgun, Graham McTavish, and Ian Colletti discussed their characters. Ruth talked about Tulip and how Tulip really isn't interested in finding God, but rather is hoping to capture her life before the mess that happened in Dallas, though she knows she'll fail in that endeavor.

As for Cassidy, we haven't seen much of his vampire side, but Seth Rogen assured the audience that vampire-y things were going to happen later in the season.

Next up, Rogen talked about how the next Preacher episode was going to introduce the group known as the Grail; we'll learn how their Samson unit is run by Herr Starr. We also then got to see a clip from the upcoming episode. It was a flashback, depicting the trials Herr Starr endures to become both a member of the Grail, and eventually its leader. It was as crazy as you'd expect.

Finally, Seth Rogen mentioned how he might be playing a part in the show himself; there was some suggestion that he might play God. He joked, saying that instead of Preacher, the show will now be called Rabbi.

All in all, despite a lack of mouth-watering reveals, the Preacher panel was everything you expected, filthy humor and all.  

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