Lying In The Gutters – 26th April 2010

"At least we performed above expectations!"

Welcome to this week's roundup of what's been going on, in and around Bleeding Cool this week.

Top Ten Most Popular Posts

1. Archie's First Gay Character To Debut, Kevin Keller

We ran the first art and gave the guy his name, as well as being first on the spot to show just how the first gay character in Riverdale would be introduced. So yes, number one story by a long way.

2. Is It An X-Men Comic Or Is It A Fetish Icon?

And this is what happens when you give reason to be linked to by all the BDSM sites on the internet. Not quite Gay Archie but not far off.

3. Swipe File: South Park Vs The Killing Joke

Too many people concentrated on the appearance or lack of, of Mohammed, to realise that the South Park creators were pulling off a long homage to Batman: The Killing Joke by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland. Moore is an avowed fan of South Park, so we hope he'll be amused.

4. Bizarre Breasts – Lady Deadpool #1

Sequential Tart don't run this column anymore, which I think is a shame. Maybe Bleeding Cool should run it will a little more regularity? Any suggestions for content? And yes, that includes the copementary Bizarre Penises too.

5. Utah Mother Condemns Spectre #9 (1987)

Remember everyone. Any comic at any time you've ever published can bite you on the arse in some fashion. You know I did a full-frontal scene in an issue of X-Flies: Bug Hunt back in the nineties. Seriously, I'm not joking, I did.

6. Thor #612 – Some Days You Just Can't Get Rid Of A Gillen

We noticed a few solicitation irregularities with Marvel's Thor title. I understand that this is down to health-related issues and that an announcement from Marvel on the future of the Thor title is expected soon.

7. The Great Nine And Other Solicitation Curiosities

Yes, why did The Great Ten ten issue mini-series get cut at nine issues? Surely they could have stretched to just one more, if only for neatness' sake?

8. Why Flashpoint Won't Be Late

Andy Kubert is already working on next year's big Flashy event. Hell, he could be finished by the time issue 1 ships. Who;d have thought it in this day and age, eh?

9. Put A Comic Book Icon On Your Wall

Ah yes, um, slight apologies for this. As a result of Bleeding Cool running links to these amazing iconic prints over the weekend, the creator has withdrawn all items from sale. Not out of worry for legal consequences, but he's just sold too many of them. In other news, I understand that DC and Marvel talent scouts have been in touch.

10. Siege: Fallen Made Returnable For Retailers

The mystery of what the hell is happening in this comic deepens as Marvel refuse to give retailers a clue, so they make the entire comic returnable. Just in case it's rubbish.

Bubbling Under –

Other popular posts include word spinning out of C2E2, including Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner's new project and the JLA moving to San Francisco, health delays to Nemesis.Then there's The Walking Dead ripped off by a clothing and accessories company, Mike Mignola and Ethan Van Sciver at odds on convention etiquette, that Chris Ware Fortune 500 cover given a going over, Marvel UK stepping up for a non-comics-shipping week in the UK, predictions over The Losers that sadly came true, problems with Captain America lettering Superman going walkabout, and Johanna Vs Valerie fisticuffs.

Top Five Other Stories You Should Have Read

1. Drug Comics Being Used To Hide Drugs
2. Spider-Girl On The Chop For The Fifth Time?
3. Glenat Launching €4.99 Digital Graphic Novella Service
4. London Museum Celebrating Life Of Ronald Searle
5. The Chinese Censoring of Archaia

Top Five Things I Should Have Linked To But Didn't Till Now

1. Heidi MacDonald looks at newspapers who Hate Comics!
2. Chris Sims and David Uzumeri go back to rediscover Fraggle Rock and dance their cares away. Not.
3. While Andy Diggle and Jock revisit their past…  although a slightly more recent one, The Losers.
4. Jamie Trecker talks to Peter David, Ben Templesmith and more at C2E2.
5. Mark Millar wants one page sci-fi comedy strips. I sent him the one below. Oh and apparently he has a director for Nemesis and is taking casting suggestions too

And thanks to columnists, new and old, Adi Tantimedh, Eric Esquivel, Martin Conaghan and Si Spurrier!

Oh and if you like British politics, I did quite a fun cartoon for Guido Fawkes yesterday.

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