Possible Images Of The PlayStation 4 Slim Have Hit Thanks To Auction Listing

So this is currently blowing up in the internet, and signs are pointing to this one being real.

A listing on Gumtree of all places seems to show off the new PlayStation 4 Slim. The console is a little smaller than the original, does away with the faceplate and now has real buttons for eject and power. It also still only features 500 GB.

If this is real, the fact it has been packaged and and built means we can probably expect the redesign to be stealth launched at the upcoming PlayStation event on September 7th.

Here are a couple of pictures of the console.

image image

And some size comparison via NeoGAF:

image image

… that really isn't a meaningful difference, at least in my eyes. But hey, if you wanted millimeters shaved off the original, this is probably for you.

As more lands on this, I'll try to keep you up to date on it.