Seven Things About The Trailer for Seven Psychopaths

Alasdair Stuart writes for Bleeding Cool

Colin Farrell is one of the best comic actors of the last twenty years and I'm not talking about his role as Bullseye. He's got a rare ability for deadpan and even more more so for full on crazy and both of those were put on show in Martin McDonagh's superb In Bruges. Essentially Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead And Have To Hide Out In Bruges, it's a wonderful, very dark, very funny movie. Now, Farrell and McDonagh have reteamed for Seven Psychopaths and brought some ridiculously fun people with them. Here's the trailer, and seven things about it.

1.Dog Napping Is Neither Big Nor Clever, But Is, On Occasion, Hilarious

Ever since Martin Blank got in over his head as a result of accidental canine homicide, there's been an unwritten cinematic rule that dog napping never ends well. Sam Rockwell and Christopher Walken don't seem to have got the memo. Also, is that Abby Cornish who's dog they're 'returning' at the start?

2.'It's their blood. It's his puke.'

Three things I love all happen at once here. Firstly we have Christopher Walken, a man who can make anything sound funny narrating events, then we have what looks to be a neatly choreographed action beat as the two gangs go to war. Overlaid on all this though, is Colin Farrell, hyperventilating, in a cardigan, covered in his vomit and other men's blood. It's blood-soaked farce, violence with an eye on comedy and comedy with an eye on the horror of violence and it's very funny, very unsettling and pure McDonagh.

3.Rubbish Fighting 101

In Bruges excelled at violence that was equal parts terrifying and mundane. The scene where Farrell and Ralph Fiennes are discussing how best to continue their gunfight, in the trailer linked at the top of the article, is a good example. This is another, the supremely rubbish running cross that Farrell nails Rockwell with is uncoordinated, slightly rubbish, very funny and clearly extremely heartfelt.

4.Sam Rockwell

Rockwell is a magnificently gifted comic actor and he's clearly on fire here. The deadpan line about meeting the bad guys in the desert is as full of sincere, puppyish enthusiasm as attempting to get the Shih Tzu to give him paw. I've loved Rockwell's comedy work for years, especially Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy and he looks to be on top form here. Also, the doggy hat he's wearing is magnificent.

5.Played by a Bond Girl

Olga Kurylenko was one of the very few things that was entertaining in Quantum of Solace and it's nice to see her getting a chance to potentially stretch some comedic muscles here. Plus, top marks for the nod and a wink to camera in having her title card read; 'The Hot Girlfriend…played by a Bond girl of course,'. This is a film, like In Bruges, that knows the rules of the genre it sits in and, like In Bruges, will have huge, nasty fun ignoring those rules.

6.Christopher Walken

I could watch Christopher Walken being dismissive to men holding guns, especially if one of those men is Zeljko Ivanek , for hours. Walken's actually got better as he's got older, and it's a genuine pleasure to just sit and watch the man work. Plus, he has some nice moves.

7.Tom Waits, Holding A Rabbit, Sitting On A Wall

Somewhere in the multiverse, that gets you a winning score in 4D HyperMonopoly. Here, it just seals the deal.

Seven Psychopaths looks massive amounts of fun and no doubt will be, as well as being immensely dark and infinitely more human than the trailer makes it look.

It's set for release in the US on October 12 though its UK release date has yet to be set. Boo.