Bring Home Some Original Kaiju Madness with Titanic Creations 

We live in an era where "underground" toys are popping as it gives collectors some incredible original collectibles. One of those companies is Titanic Creations, which has a colossal passion for making monsters. We have covered some of their releases in the past with the powerful Iceberg Kaiju known as Titanicus and the vampire kanji Nosferadon. These figures do not feature a lot of articulation but are beautifully crafted with tons of detail and are fun additions to any kaiju fans collection. Since our original coverage, Titanic Creations has released two more kaiju, and our friends over at Titanic have given us a closer look at these new beasts…

Whether you just love monsters, kaiju, Pacific Rim, or the Godzilla franchise, then these figures are for you. Our first figure release comes to us right from space with the arrival of Griffixis, who is the ultimate alpha predator. This creature inherits the traits of all the animals on the planet it lands on, rising up in the ranks until nothing can stop it. Its yellow and black design is nicely crafted with a unique sculpt to make it stand out from other monster figures. The legs and tail can be moved, but the figure is only meant to be placed in one pose. That is not bad either, as it makes me think of a throwback to classic Godzilla toys. Its unique design is simple, fun, and unique and a deadly threat for your Nosferadon figure.

Things get a little more chaotic and deadly with Titanic Creations unleashing an ancient Egyptian kaiju, the Skureaus. In the hopes of mastering and wielding its strength, the Nazis awakened a monster of unstoppable power. Controlled by the power of a magic amulet, whoever wields this power is its master, and it might be up to Titanicus to stop his reign of terror. This figure is nothing less than extraordinary, featuring a wild fusion of a cobra and scorpion parts. The detail on this figure is remarkable, and it is easily one of my favorite Titanic Creations kaiju to date. His tail, claws, and legs do feature some moveability, which can help display options or toy photography. Screaming with originality, the Skureaus is a fantastic and creepy creature that should be in its own monster movie. 

I love the story that Titanic Creation is dishing out its own world of monsters, with plenty of areas to explore still. Each of these creatures carries its own weight and story, giving fans and collectors the ability to dive deeper into the world they created. Griffixis and Skureaus are fantastic additions to Titantic Creations line and I hope they can continue to give us more monsters in the future. Fans can find all your kaiju needs right here, and be on the lookout for the Titanic Creations original graphic novel Souls Wars dropping in 2023 to see the story of Skureaus unfold.

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