NECA's Universal Monsters Frankenstein Figure May Be Best Of The Year

I have waited a long time for this. NECA is the premier horror toymaker in the world, with the work they have been doing these last few years dropping jaws and swelling the ranks of our horror collections. The ultimate pairing, however, was a dream: the Universal Monsters. These timeless characters, done by a company like NECA, has the potential to be something really special, and when they announced they had the license earlier this year, I almost didn't believe it. The first release, Frankenstein, is hitting Walmarts right now, and I drove until I found one the other day. I am so glad I did.

NECA May Have The Best Figure Line Of All-Time Here, With The Perfect Kick-Off In Frankenstein

As always, they nail the packaging on these Ultimates, and Frankenstein is no exception. The front of the box features classic art for the film, and some figure photography on the sides and back. Simple and does exactly what it needs to do. For you MOC NECA collectors, the boxes I came across were very flimsy, and there was a lot of cracking, so be sure to double-check before you buy.

I am having a love affair with this figure. This is the color version, with a black and white one to follow in a couple of months. The skin pigment is a little lighter than I would have thought, but it is this cool pale green that, when the light hits it just right, almost darkens a bit and becomes a little more minty green. The figure itself is full of great articulation, although it seems a little silly to me that Frankenstein can do the splits. He comes packed with three sets of hands, some daisies, and a set of shackles. All are great and give a ton of depth and character when paired with the different heads also included. This Boris Karloff portrait is the best NECA has ever done, and it is not even close. I see zero flaws with any of the three, from the angered face to the hollow, chilling blackness of the classic head. The daisies are a great touch as well; they feel so delicate in his fingers and bring a softness to the figure. Seeing him posed with them puts me right back to be being a kid and seeing that scene for the first time.

NECA's Universal Monsters Frankenstein Figure May Be Best Of The Year
NECA Frank

I have nothing bad to say about this figure. It is perfection, it's probably my figure of the year, and I am all in. Give me all the Universal Monsters in every version of NECA: color, black and white, movie poster colors, neon, pencil. I will buy them all. If they are all as good as this Frankenstein, this will be the best horror figure line of all time and maybe the best figure line of all time, period. This is that good.

This color version is available at Walmart right now.


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