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Creature From The Black Lagoon Ultimate Figure Up For Order From Neca
The character has endured in a way that makes his fellow monsters blush, so when NECA grabbed the license, the obvious first question was when the Creature figure would be made We had to wait a while, but after being revealed late in 2022, the figure is finally up for preorder He will come with[...]
NECA Reveals Two New Elvira Figures Up For Preorder Now
Elvira and NECA are a match made in heaven, and after stellar sales of their first collaborations last year, two new figures have been revealed and are up for preorder First, a red dress version of their retro-clothed style figure, which will also come with tweaked accessories from last year's version Everything is better in[...]
NECA Reveals Online Exclusive TMNT Donatello’s Portal Generator
Cowabunga Dudes! NECA is back and has a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles exclusive up their sleeve Releasing exclusively through, collectors can now explore the TMNT multiverse with Donatello That is right, coming to life right from the his cartoon series, a brand new playset has been revealed Releasing as part of the TMNT[...]
Dracula Carfax Abbey Universal Monsters Figure Revealed By NECA
Dracula is just starting to hit stores from NECA and their Universal Monsters line, and the next one is already being revealed The Carfax Abbey black and white version of the figure was shown off by NECA, with the vampire sporting his tux from his Carfax estate More than almost any other figure in this[...]
Rock Out with the Elton John (Live 1976) Deluxe Figure from NECA
The Rocket Man is back as NECA has unveiled their latest Clothed Figure with the one and only Elton John This is more than just your average figure releases, as this version comes with everything Elton needs to rock the stage This 8" figure features Elton John from the Louder Than Concorde (But Not Quite[...]
ET Is One Of The Cutest NECA Figures They Have Ever Done
ET is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, and NECA finally went ahead and made a bunch of figures to celebrate There are three available to purchase right now in stores, all of which are nestled warmly in the comfort of their Ultimate line The classic version is the one we will be taking a[...]
NECA Continues 12 Days Of Christmas With Universal Monsters, More
NECA spends the last twelve days of Christmas throwing us collectors a bone every year, giving us a checklist of some of their most popular lines, and creating awesome visuals to save on your phone for when you are out and about hunting for figures I have them saved all year on mine, and they[...]
NECA 12 Days Of Downloads Begin With Movie TMNT And Predator
NECA spends the last twelve days of Christmas throwing us collectors a bone every year, giving us a checklist of some of their most popular lines, and creating awesome visuals to save on your phone for when you are out and about hunting for figures I have them saved all year on mine, and they[...]
NECA Selling Hard To Get TMNT Figures On Black Friday
NECA will have a selection of TMNT figures for sale in their store for Black Friday Movie figures and cartoon figures, usually found in Walmarts and Targets, will make up the offerings for the sale This is a nice mix of figures that sold quickly and some that have been downright impossible to find, like[...]
SAW Icon Billy The Puppet W/Trike Coming From NECA
SAW is coming back in 2023, and NECA is celebrating by releasing a new version of Billy The Puppet on his trike The figure will be 12 inches tall, and comes posed on his trusty bike Batteries are included, so that you can access sounds from the films by pushing a button It also features[...]
Dracula Has A Place To Sleep With New NECA Set, Up For Preorder
Dracula is coming to the NECA Universal Monsters line, having been shown off at this year's SDCC Now, a new accessory set has also been revealed to be coming as well, featuring Dracula's tomb The set will come with three animals, including a spider, an opossum, and an armadillo Also included is a cricket in[...]
Toony Terrors Continue Form NECA With Teen Wolf, Killer Clowns, More
Toony Terrors are some of the most fun figures NECA currently has on store shelves, and this fall, a new wave will invade our horror collections This wave will include Scott Howard from Teen Wolf, the male alien from They Live, Gholuiana from The Beauty of Horror, and then three figures from cult classic Killer[...]
Dracula NECA Figure Preorders Are Now Live After SDCC Reveal
Dracula is maybe the most anticipated of the Universal Monsters figure line from NECA, and last night on the SDCC show floor, the figure made its debut It is a perfect likeness for Bela Lugosi, and maybe the best likeness in a line full of them so far The figure is now up for order,[...]
NECA Opens Preorders On Four New Universal Monsters Figures
NECA is expanding its popular Universal Monsters line They have fully revealed the latest figure in their Ultimates line, The Invisible Man The figure comes with interchangeable heads and hands to pull off the "invisible" look, as well as a wig, cup with straw, and notebook Something about that fully wrapped head with the eye[...]
NECA Reveals Three NEW TMNT Figures, Including Mirage Casey
NECA has opened up preorders for three new TMNT figures, including two Mirage Comics figures sure to be a hit with fans and the latest Universal Monsters collaboration That figure was teased before, but now we have a great look at Splinter as Van Helsing and coming with a plethora of monster hunting accessories and[...]
NECA's Black & White Universal Monsters Wolf Man Is Incredible
When NECA revealed that they had the Universal Monsters license, there was one figure and one figure only that I wanted more than any other, and that is The Wolf Man That was the first Universal Monsters film I saw way back when I was five, and it terrified me and made me a monster[...]
TMNT Mirage Fugitoid Figure From NECA Is A Delight
TMNT collectors have been hounding NECA to get off their butts and make more Mirage-era figures for years now Their figures of the four brothers are some of the most sought after and highest price figures on the aftermarket, and for years we have waited to add more Mirage to our shelves Well, wait no[...]
NECA has revealed all of its SDCC exclusives for this year throughout this past week, and we have them all here in one place for you Each exclusive will be available to purchase on The NECA Store on June 3rd, in limited quantities, for shipping after the con, for those who will not be at[...]
NECA Gives Collectors An Update on Dungeons & Dragons Figures 
NECA has an update for Dungeons & Dragons fans, and they have showcase new 7″ Scale Ultimate Figures Hit characters Warduke and Grimsword are back and are both inspire by their classic action figures from back in the day I know only so much about Dungeons & Dragons, but honestly these would fit in the[...]
Elvira Gets The Tribute She Deserves With New NECA Figure
Cassandra Peterson is one of the nicest people in the world, and the fact that after all these years is still going and thriving is so awesome; and to help celebrate her amazing career, NECA has a new figure out on shelves To say this figure is anticipated is an understatement I run a comic[...]
NECA Alien Night Cougar Figure Impresses Yet Again
This spring, NECA released two new Alien Xenomorph figures, the Panther and the Night Cougar, both Kenner tributes and highly anticipated in the fandom One of their longest-running lines, the Alien line, just chugs along, and we buy them and collect them quietly in the corner, laughing that we get such great quality figures from[...]
TMNT Cartoon Van Revealed By NECA, Two Week Preorder Live now
TMNT fans and collectors have long speculated about it, and after a long tease, NECA has revealed their cartoon Turtle Van First, the cost- is $249.99, which is much lower than most may have thought There are also payment installments available as well, which is nice It measures 14" long, 12" tall, and 8" wide[...]
NECA Reveals New Xenomorphs Figure from Aliens: Fireteam Elite
NECA is easily one of the best company to continue to dish out new figures for these deadly figures, and it looks like two more have arrived. From Aliens: Fireteam Elite, two Xenomorphs from the game debut as figures with the Runner and Prowler These aliens feature more of a Xenomorph Dog design, as seen in[...]
Halloween 2 Anniversary Pack Is One Of NECA's Finest Releases
To help celebrate its 40th anniversary, NECA announced a very special two-pack of Ultimate figures, featuring an updated Michael Myers and, for the first time in this Ultimate form, Dr Loomis It really is a dream set and a welcome one at that Loomis is not a character who gets figures often, so they knew[...]
The Boys Black Noir is Ready to Break Necks with New NECA Release
Another member of The Seven is coming to us in action figure form as NECA reveals their next The Boys figure This marks the third figure that NECA has given us with Starlight and Homelander kicking off the new 7" line first This time Black Noir is ready to kick some ass in style with[...]
NECA's Panther Alien Is A Strong Start To 2022 For The Line
NECA's Alien line continues to chug along here at the beginning of 2022 with a couple of new Xenomorph releases, the Night Cougar and the Panther Both are based on figures from the 90's Kenner line and from the more expanded Alien universe, and that is where NECA continues to shine in this and their[...]
Hocus Pocus Toony Terrors Announced By NECA For Fall
The beloved Disney Halloween comedy, Hocus Pocus, is getting an unexpected release from NECA in their Toony Terrors line This was teased yesterday on the NECA Twitter page that four characters from the film will join the line They include all three Sanderson Sisters, available separately or as a three-pack, and Billy Butcherson, whose shoe[...]
Gargoyles Fav Hudson Figure From NECA Sees Preorders Open
Gargoyles fan favorite Hudson is the latest figure from the show to go up for preorder from NECA New peeks at the figure were revealed last weekend, and preorders have now begun Hudson will arrive with a pair of attachable wings, 2 different heads, three pairs of hands, an additional left hand, and a sword[...]
ALF Ultimate Figure From NECA Now Up For Preorder
Apparently, neither has NECA Announced on their social media channels last fall, they will have an Ultimate ALF figure in stores in 2022 Preorders are open, and ALF will come with a cat on a bun, a Hawaiian shirt, a bowl of popcorn, sunglasses, a radio, a picture frame, a drink can, and interchangeable hands[...]
NECA Toy Fair Reveals: TMNT, Predator, Toony Terrors, More
NECA had themselves a weekend, as they had all of their Toy Fair reveals come out across three days We ourselves partook in the festivities, and some of our good friends did as well Here, we will gather all of the exciting reveals, including the jaw-dropping TMNT ones, down below. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top:[...]