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Elvira Gets The Tribute She Deserves With New NECA Figure
Cassandra Peterson is one of the nicest people in the world, and the fact that after all these years is still going and thriving is so awesome; and to help celebrate her amazing career, NECA has a new figure out on shelves To say this figure is anticipated is an understatement I run a comic[...]
NECA Alien Night Cougar Figure Impresses Yet Again
This spring, NECA released two new Alien Xenomorph figures, the Panther and the Night Cougar, both Kenner tributes and highly anticipated in the fandom One of their longest-running lines, the Alien line, just chugs along, and we buy them and collect them quietly in the corner, laughing that we get such great quality figures from[...]
TMNT Cartoon Van Revealed By NECA, Two Week Preorder Live now
TMNT fans and collectors have long speculated about it, and after a long tease, NECA has revealed their cartoon Turtle Van First, the cost- is $249.99, which is much lower than most may have thought There are also payment installments available as well, which is nice It measures 14" long, 12" tall, and 8" wide[...]
NECA Reveals New Xenomorphs Figure from Aliens: Fireteam Elite
NECA is easily one of the best company to continue to dish out new figures for these deadly figures, and it looks like two more have arrived. From Aliens: Fireteam Elite, two Xenomorphs from the game debut as figures with the Runner and Prowler These aliens feature more of a Xenomorph Dog design, as seen in[...]
Halloween 2 Anniversary Pack Is One Of NECA's Finest Releases
To help celebrate its 40th anniversary, NECA announced a very special two-pack of Ultimate figures, featuring an updated Michael Myers and, for the first time in this Ultimate form, Dr Loomis It really is a dream set and a welcome one at that Loomis is not a character who gets figures often, so they knew[...]
The Boys Black Noir is Ready to Break Necks with New NECA Release
Another member of The Seven is coming to us in action figure form as NECA reveals their next The Boys figure This marks the third figure that NECA has given us with Starlight and Homelander kicking off the new 7" line first This time Black Noir is ready to kick some ass in style with[...]
NECA's Panther Alien Is A Strong Start To 2022 For The Line
NECA's Alien line continues to chug along here at the beginning of 2022 with a couple of new Xenomorph releases, the Night Cougar and the Panther Both are based on figures from the 90's Kenner line and from the more expanded Alien universe, and that is where NECA continues to shine in this and their[...]
Hocus Pocus Toony Terrors Announced By NECA For Fall
The beloved Disney Halloween comedy, Hocus Pocus, is getting an unexpected release from NECA in their Toony Terrors line This was teased yesterday on the NECA Twitter page that four characters from the film will join the line They include all three Sanderson Sisters, available separately or as a three-pack, and Billy Butcherson, whose shoe[...]
Gargoyles Fav Hudson Figure From NECA Sees Preorders Open
Gargoyles fan favorite Hudson is the latest figure from the show to go up for preorder from NECA New peeks at the figure were revealed last weekend, and preorders have now begun Hudson will arrive with a pair of attachable wings, 2 different heads, three pairs of hands, an additional left hand, and a sword[...]
ALF Ultimate Figure From NECA Now Up For Preorder
Apparently, neither has NECA Announced on their social media channels last fall, they will have an Ultimate ALF figure in stores in 2022 Preorders are open, and ALF will come with a cat on a bun, a Hawaiian shirt, a bowl of popcorn, sunglasses, a radio, a picture frame, a drink can, and interchangeable hands[...]
NECA Toy Fair Reveals: TMNT, Predator, Toony Terrors, More
NECA had themselves a weekend, as they had all of their Toy Fair reveals come out across three days We ourselves partook in the festivities, and some of our good friends did as well Here, we will gather all of the exciting reveals, including the jaw-dropping TMNT ones, down below. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top:[...]
Predator 2 Shaman Predator, A NECA Toy Fair BC Exclusive Reveal
Predator figures from NECA have some of the most fervent fans in collecting, and that there are over 100 figures in the line now speaks to that enthusiasm In some ways, NECA themselves are responsible for keeping Predator as relevant as the property has been the last decade or so And the figures aren't stopping[...]
NECA's Second Gargoyles Figure Is Familiar, Yet Cool
Gargoyles was the last line most figured would go to NECA, but in 2021 not only was the line announced, but the first figure, Goliath, came to stores Ambitious plans are afoot for this line, as at least four more figures have been shown off the top of my head The second figure, Thailog, is[...]
NECA's Ace Duck/Mutagen Man Continues Steller TMNT Cartoon Line
TMNT's continuing cartoon line from NECA shows no signs of stopping, and today we will take a look at one of the sets I personally was not looking forward to I know I watched every episode of the old TMNT cartoon, but I do not remember Mutagen Man or Ace Duck being in there for[...]
TMNT/Universal Monsters NECA Raphael Figure Is Early Fig Of The Year
TMNT and Universal Monsters are in for a treat this year thanks to NECA and their new line of mash-up figures A dream line for me personally, NECA is not the first to produce a collaboration between the two entities, as Playmates has made Turtle Monsters a few times over the years, but to have[...]