The Xenomorph Infestation Grows with New Additions from Hiya Toys

Hiya Toys is back with more Xenomorphs for your 1/18th scale figure line. Two movies are covered in this reveal with new additions to the Aliens and Alien 3 films. Both figures, like usual, are set up at PX Exclusives with the Aliens 3 Dog Alien coming in first. While Alien 3 was one of the lackluster films for the franchise, it did introduce fans to some new classifications of the Xenomorph legacy. The 1992 Dog Alien is back featuring the more slender and animal styled design that will make it stand out compared to previous Xenomorphs. Hiya Toys will also be releasing another cannon fodder Xenomorph with the Battle Damaged Alien Warrior figure. This monster has come into contact with some of the Space Marines as he is shown with three blaster marks on his body and a missing limb. This alien is not giving up just yet and will be a great companion piece for any Xenomorph display. Both of these Xenomorphs are PX Exclusives and can be found at your local comic store in August 2021. Pre-orders have surfaced online as well and can be found here at $19.99.

"ALIEN 3 DOG ALIEN PX 1/18 SCALE FIGURE – A PREVIEWS Exclusive! She's faced down the Xenomorph threat twice. But now Ellen Ripley has entered her most threatening environment yet: stranded on a decrepit prison planet with the galaxy's most antisocial criminals as company. She soon discovers that she's not the only survivor of the LV-426 massacre. She's brought an alien with her! Hiya Toys presents its first design from 1992's Alien 3! Designed by Tom Woodruff Jr. and Alec Gillis, the Dog Alien features a more slender, animalistic look that perfectly suits the darker tone of the third film in the Alien series. This 1:18 scale figure stands approximately 4″ tall and comes with multiple hands as well as a stand for posing."

"ALIENS BATTLE DAMAGE ALIEN WARRIOR PX 1/18 SCALE FIGURE – A PREVIEWS Exclusive! A lone survivor, floating through space. A distress call from a distant colony. A group of battle-hardened marines, full of confidence and loaded for bear. Yet no one can be prepared for what awaits them on LV-426. This time, it's war! With a xenomorph, shoot to kill, or run for your life! The Battle Damaged Alien Warrior is just as deadly as its able-bodied counterpart. This bug has been hunted, but is yet to be finished off, despite taking gunfire to its chest and carapace. This 1:18 scale figure stands approximately 4″ tall and comes with three removable entry wounds as well as a stand for posing."

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