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Battle Damaged 2014 RoboCop from Hiya Toys

RoboCop Won't Stay Down with New Hiya Toys Figure

The Hiya Toys RoboCop 1:18 scale figure series continues with another figure from the 2014 RoboCop remake. We have already seen three more figures from this like the Enforcement Droids, black 2014 Suit, and a silver suit. This time though we are getting a little battle damaged with the next 4.5" figure from Hiya Toys. […]

Predator Invisible Falconer Predators from Hiya Toys

Predator Falconer Goes Invisible with New Hiya Toys Figure

Predator: Hunting Grounds has just dropped and it gives fans the ability to play as one of the best hunters out there. It is nice to see some classic science fiction franchises get there time back into pop culture. This not only gives older fans some new material but allows more fans to jump in […]

Alien Big Chap from Hiya Toys

Original 1979 Alien Big Chap Finally Arrives at Hiya Toys

The Alien that started it all, Big Chap, from the original 1979 film Alien has finally arrived as the newest Hiya Toys figure. This 1:18 scale figure will come is at roughly 4.5" tall, is highly detailed and articulated. Hiya Toys put a lot of deal into this figure and I can't wait to get […]

Hiya Toys Alien Hunter AVP Figure

Alien Vs. Predator Alien Hunter Arrives at Hiya Toys

2004 brought fans a science fiction action movie that combined two of the biggest extraterrestrial icons of generations, Alien and Predator. Alien Vs. Predator brought these creatures together as they battled on Earth for the first time. I was quite a fan of the film as we got to see who was truly at the […]

“Predator” and “RoboCop” Get More Figures from Hiya Toys

"Predator" and "RoboCop" Get More Figures from Hiya Toys

Just when you think they are done Hiya Toys continues to impress with more exclusives for their Predator and RoboCop 1/18 scale figures. Honestly, I am pretty surprised they are able to continue to come up with new designs for these lines too. This time we are getting a couple of unique ones that fans will surely love. First […]

“RoboCop” and “Predators” Get More Figures from Hiya Toys 

"RoboCop" and "Predators" Get More Figures from Hiya Toys 

Hiya Toys is honestly on top of the miniature game with their Predator and RoboCop figures. These 3.75-4.5" figures not only pack a punch with detail but come with a nice set of accessories. It looks like the reveals continue as we get a new look at the upcoming RoboCop (2014) reboot figure, a new RoboCop, and […]

Hiya Toys Gives Us More "Predators" and "RoboCop" FIgures

Hiya Toys Gives Us More "Predators" and "RoboCop" FIgures

Hiya Toys has been increasing its ranks for their Predators and RoboCop figure lines. It looks like each line will be getting a new additional figure that will be a Previews exclusive. First up is a new Predator from the 2010 film, this time an Unmasked Berseker enters the hunt. This figure is packed with detail, is […]

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Robocop Gets Strapped with Another PX Exclusive Figure

RoboCop just can't stay down as we get another Previews Exclusive figure coming to us from Hiya Toys. This is the 6th RoboCop figure we have seen get announced and it looks like this is another one from the third film. So far I think each of the RoboCop films has seen at least two […]

Robocop Comes Back with More Pex Exclusive Figures

Robocop Comes Back with More Previews Exclusive Figures

RoboCop isn't out of the game just yet as PX Previews announces to more exclusive figures. The first figure announced is from RoboCop 2 and this time it is featuring a new battle damaged armor set. The figure will come with a gun accessory. The metallic style paint in the battle damage really showcases his look in […]

The Predator Gets Crucified with New Figure from Hiya Toys

The Predator Gets Crucified with New Figure from Hiya Toys

The Predator is a menacing creature that is considered to be one of the deadliest hunters in the universe. With recent releases like (2010) Predators and (2018) The Predator we have seen a whole new infrastructure of their species. Predators is what really changed the game by showing us new armor and how they hunted. […]