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Judge Dredd Goes Black and White with New Hiya Toys Releases
Hiya Toys is not done just yet with their 1/18 scale line of 2000 A.D action figures, as two new figures have been revealed Similar to their San Diego Comic Con release, things go black and white with two new variant figures Judge Dredd and Judge Mortis  Black and White Variants have been unveiled, standing[...]
Godzilla: King of the Monsters Rodan Receives Hiya Exquisite Figure 
Another Titan has been unearthed as Hiya Toys continues to expand the Monsterverse with the Hiya Exquisite Basics Series Coming to us from the film, Godzilla: King of the Monsters,  Rodan is here and ready to dominate the playing field This marks the third figure to enter the 6" line joining Godzilla and Kong as[...]
Judge Dredd’s Chief Judge Caligula Has Arrived at Hiya Toys
Hiya Toys is back with another 2000 A.D release for their impressive line of 1/18 scale Judge Dredd figures Another member of the Corp has arrived with the madman known as Chief Judge Caligula This is someone you don't want to mess with, and he will feature 16 points of articulation He will have a[...]
Hiya Toys Enhances Their RoboCop Line with New 1/12 Die-Cast Release
Hiya Toys has a pretty impressive line-up of franchises under their belt with 2000 A.D., Predator, Alien, and RoboCop Nearly all of their figures are 1/18 scale giving us some nicely detailed 3.75 inch collectibles Interestingly enough, Hiya Toys is trying to get into the 1/12 scale figure game, as we saw with their recently[...]
Things Get Bloody as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Comes to Hiya Toys 
It looks like Hiya Toys has a surprise for horror fans as they announce a 1/18 scale Leatherface! The figure comes from the 2022 film Texas Chainsaw Massacre released exclusively on Netflix After a series of unfortunate events, a group of social media influencers unleashes the horror of a small town once again The film[...]
Hiya Toys Debuts New Godzilla Vs. Kong Kong Exquisite Basic Figure
Hiya Toys is unleashing the power of King Kong as they debut their newest Exquisite Basic figure Hiya is quite known for its highly impressive lineup of 1/18 scale figures featuring iconic franchises with RoboCop, Predator, Alien, and 2000 A.D (Judge Dredd) One of their newest line of collectibles is Godzilla Vs Kong, and it[...]
Judge Dredd and the Lawmaster Arrive with New Hiya Toys Bundle 
Hit the streets of Mega-City One in style as Hiya Toys announces their newest Judge Dredd 2000 A.D release The Lawmaster is back as Hiya Toys reveals their new Judge Dredd and Lawmaster MKII Motorcycle Set This fantastic set gives 2000 A.D fans exactly what they want with two highly detailed collectibles that are loaded[...]
Newest Hiya Toys Judge Dredd Figure Arrives with Judge Hershey
Hiya Toys is back as they continue to expand their hit 2000 A.D Judge Dredd 1/18 scale line of figures The next officer of duty is Judge Hershey and one of the top cops on the force in Mega-City One Judge Barbara Hershey comes to life and enters the 3.75 realms with Hiya Toys next[...]
Hiya Toys Debuts Judge Dredd and RoboCop SDCC 22' Exclusive Figures
Hiya Toys is joining in on all of the SDCC 2022 exclusive action with not one but two new reveals Releasing as part of their popular 1:18 scale figure lines, the 80s are making a comeback with 3,000 piece limited edition reveals Judge Dredd and RoboCop are ready for some explosive action on your shelves[...]
Hiya Toys Unveils New Judge Dredd Figure with Klegg and Anderson 
Hiya Toys returns to the world of 2000 A.D as they reveal two figure Judge Dredd figures are on the way Coming out of their popular 1/18 scale figure line, Judge Anderson and the Klegg are back and ready for action Both figures stand at roughly 3.75" tall and will feature 16 points of articulation,[...]
Judge Fire & Judge Giant Get 2000AD Action Figures Amid Late Shipments
Two characters from the 2000AD Judge Dredd universe that haven't been rendered in 3D before, Judge Fire and Judge Giant, from Hiya Toys, both out in the autumn, as 1:18 PVC action figures with 16 points of articulation, shoulder and joint pads, and chains and badges of office, Giant comes with a Lawgiver gun and[...]
Judge Dredd’s Judge Mortis Has Arrived and Brings Death to Hiya Toys
Hiya Toys is continuing to expand their 2000 A.D figure line as they have revealed their newest 1/18 scale collectible Another member of the Dark Judges makes his debut with the terrifying and deadly Judge Mortis Your new Judge Dredd collection is about to get a deadly new addition as this Judge can kill anyone[...]
Hiya Toys Reveals RoboCop 3 Vs. Otomo 2-Pack 1/18 Scale Figure Set
Somehow Hiya Toys is back with yet another set of 1:18 scale RoboCop figures with a special 2-pack figure set It looks like RoboCop 3 is getting some love as this 2-pack set will capture the battle with the robot ninjas called Otama These androids are tasked to take out the one an only RoboCop,[...]
Hiya Toys Reveals Judge Dredd Judge Fear Figure and Shipping Updates
Hiya Toys also gave collectors a nice update on the entire line with shipping updates which consist of: Judge Dredd (1:18) Q2 2022 Judge Death (1:18) Q2 2022 Judge Mortis (1:18) Q3 2022 Lawmaster Vehicle (1:18) Q4 2022 Judge Dredd (1:12) Q2 2022 Judge Death (1:12) Q3 2022 Judge Mortis (1:12) Q4 2022 I am more excited to see the 6" figures that[...]
Hiya Toys Reveals New Highly-Detailed Godzilla vs Kong Statues
Hiya Toys is diving into the world of statue collectibles as they announce two new statues are on the way These statues will come to us from the blockbuster hit Godzilla vs Kong with both Godzilla and King Kong Coming out of the new Stylist Series, these beasts are going toe to toe once again[...]