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Hiya Toys Reveals New Alien Vs. Predator 1/18 Scale Figures
Hiya Toys has been capturing these two legendary extraterrestrial species with their 1/18th scale figure line Two new additions have been added with creations from both AVP and Alien Vs Predator: Requiem Up first is the new invisible version of the heavily armored hunter known as Wolf from AVP2 Standing 4.5" tall, this Predator is[...]
The Hiya Toys Alien Hive Grows With Two New 1/18 Scale Figures
Alien fans can continue to expand their own hive of Xenomorphs and Nostromo crew members as Hiya Toys is back with new reveals Their highly detailed 1/18 scale figures return with two new addition from the Alien lore Up first is another member of the USCSS Nostromo as Joan Lambert suits up for the last[...]
Hiya Toys Announces RoboCop 2 “Robert Cop” Bootleg SDCC Release
However, this isn't the case this time as Hiya Toys pays tribute to the legendary RoboCop 2 bootleg figure Robert Cop 2 Back in 1990, a unique 10" bootleg figure was made in China and made a hilarious debut in the states, even becoming a hot ticket item for many RoboCop collectors This year, Hiya[...]
Invisible Predator and New Predator Hounds Arrive from Hiya Toys
Hiya Toys continues to expand its Predator 1/18 scale figure line with two new PX Previews exclusive releases Up first is the return of a fan-favorite hunter, Chopper, from the alternate timeline film Alien vs Predator (AVP) Chopper is back but with a new paint deco as he gets a new translucent mold inspired by[...]
New Hiya Toys Alien Figures Arrive With Xenomorph and Ripley
Hiya Toys is back with more 1/18 scale figures for their continuously growing Alien figure line Two new figures have arrived coming from two different films from the Alien franchise with the original 1979 film and the unpopular film, Alien Resurrection Up first is another Nostromo Space Suit release with Ellen Ripley She is highly[...]
Predator Jungle Hunter Hunts Again With Hiya Toys Revised Figure
With the 35th anniversary of Predator arriving in 2022, Hiya Toys is already preparing for the event The classic Jungle Hunter from the 1987 film is back and better than ever with this new revised 1/18 scale figure Predator V2 will feature screen accurate paint scheme, skull and spine accessory, and it loaded with detail[...]
Alien Invades Hiya Toys Once Again With New 1/18 Figures
Hiya Toys continues to impress fans as they announce more amazing 1/18 scale figures from Alien and Aliens Two new figures were revealed, this time with a new crew member of the USCSS Nostromo Dallas He is sport his iconic Nostromo space suit and will include some accessories with a lantern, pistol, and vine a[...]
New Predator Figures Join the AVP Hunt With New Hiya Toys Reveal
We are taking a trip back to the alternate dimension of 2004 as Hiya Toys brings back new figures for AVP: Alien vs Predator Two new Predators are on the hunt once again as they join the 1/18th scale figure line Up first is the new Invisible Celtic hunter who is displayed with a clear[...]
New Alien 1/18 Scale Figures Emerge from Hiya Toys
Hiya Toys is back with two more additions to their growing Alien 1/18th scale figure line Two films are explored in this wave, with the first being the man who started it all Executive Officer of the Nostromo, Thomas Kane Thomas fell a victim to the Facehugger at the beginning of the film and now[...]
Protect Old Detroit With New RoboCop ED-209 Figure from Hiya Toys
Hiya Toys is returning to Old Detroit once again as they unveil their newest RoboCop 1/18th scale figure Our hero might want to stay off the street this time as another ED-209 bot has been deployed into action Unlike the previous release, this bot will be a battle-damaged variant that will have an exploded cannon[...]
Xenomorph Alien Queen Creates a New Hive With Hiya Toys
Your Alien Hive is about to get bigger as Hiya Toys unveils a new Alien Queen Xenomorph from the film Alien vs Predator This marked the second Queen to be released in the Hiya Toys 1/18th scale series, with the first belonging to Aliens The Queen will stand roughly 7" tall and will feature a[...]
New Crouching Alien Xenomorph Arrives at Hiya Toy
Hiya Toys has announced a new Alien Xenomorph is coming to their 1/18 scale figure line This time we are getting a new mold featuring a crouching Xenomorph that is beautifully detailed, highly articulated, and will be a perfect addition to your growing hive Hiya Toys has included a new joint system to the already[...]
Elder Predator and Scar Predator Join the Hunt at Hiya Toys
Hiya Toys continues to unveil new Predators for their growing 1/18th scale figure line This time fans are getting two more additions from the crossover hit, Alien Vs Predator Up first is a repeat character with the Scar Predator, who is back once again This time he is getting a new invisible deco with transparent[...]
New Predator Hunters from AVP Join the Hunt with Hiya Toys
The hunt begins once again as Hiya Toys adds two more Predator hunters in their 1/18 scale figure line Hiya Toys is taking us back to the alternate 2004 with the crossover film Alien vs Predator once again The first Predator is a Temple Guard that comes loaded out with a great set of accessories[...]
More Xenomorphs Arrive as Hiya Toys Announces New Figures
Hiya Toys is at it again as they announce more 1/18th scale Xenomorph figures from their Aliens and Alien vs Predator line We have seen so many variations of these characters; they all seem to blend together at this point but still cool non the less Our first Xenomorph is from AVP with a new[...]