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Halloween Awaits with The Nightmare Before Christmas Cosbi Collection
Hiya Toys continues to boldly go where no 1/18 scale figure collection has gone before with the release of Nero from the 2009 Star Trek film! This marks the fifth figure to release with Captain Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Spock Prime, and now Nero This highly detailed and intricately designed figure brings the enigmatic Romulan miner[...]
The Batman of Zur-En-Arh Gets A Limited Edition Figure from McFarlane
An explosive new 1/12 scale figure is on the way from Hiya Toys as John Rambo is back, and this time from Rambo III  John Rambo (portrayed by Sylvester Stallone) just wants some peace and quiet, but a new mission takes him to Afghanistan After being contacted by his former commanding officer, Colonel Sam Trautman (Richard[...]
Spock Prime Arrives at Hiya Toys with New Star Trek (2009) Figure
Hiya Toys is back with a brand new 1/18 scale figure for their Star Trek line based on the 2009 film This new trilogy featuring the Final Frontier was directed by J.J Abrams, and one of his additions was the introduction of Spock Prime, which was portrayed by the original actor, Leonard Nimoy He was[...]
Spock is Joining Hiya Toys New 1/18 Star Trek (2009) Figure Line
The Final Frontier awaits as Hiya Toys is back with another 1/18 scale figure from the world of Star Trek This line is based on the 2009 film Star Trek with Chris Pine as Captain Kirk and Zachary Quinto as the iconic Vulcan known as Spock Spock is now joining Hiya Toys new line with[...]
Hiya Toys Debuts New 1/12 Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2022 Figure
It has only been quite recently that Hiya Toys has dived into the realm of 1/12 scale action figures We have seen Judge Dredd, RoboCop, and John Rambo have entered this line with some power, and a new arrival is here Coming from the horror of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hiya Toys has released the[...]
Hiya Toys Unveils New 1/18 Star Trek Figure Line with Dr. McCoy
Hiya Toys is blasting off into the Final Frontier with a brand new line of 1/18 scale action figures It looks like the world of Star Trek is joining the line and specifically the modernized 2009 reboot Captain Kirk and the crew are back and ready for a new adventure with impressive detail; they come[...]
Hiya Toys Unveils New 1/18 Star Trek Figure Line with Dr. McCoy
Get ready to explore the Final Frontier with the help of Hiya Toys as they debut their latest line of 1/18 scale line The 2009 reboot of Star Trek has returned, and the crew of the U.S.S Enterprise is coming to life Captain James T Kirk is kicking off this line with an impressive new[...]
Cursed Earth 2000 A.D. Judge Dredd Figure Revealed by Hiya Toys 
adventure awaits collectors as Hiya Toys is back with yet another 1/18 scale Judge Dredd figure This new release features the return of The Cursed Earth, the irradiated wasteland that is on the outskirts of the Mega-Cities Dredd must embrace the harsh wasteland with his newest release, which comes in at 4″ tall and has[...]
Hiya Toys Unveils Judge Dredd Hall of Heroes Judge Anderson Figure 
Hiya Toys is back with another new figure as part of their growing 1/18 scale 2000 A.D line Move over Judge Dredd; Judge Anderson has returned with yet another figure as she gives the supreme sacrifice Hall of Heroes Judge Anderson brings the heartbreaking moments to life where she sealed herself away with Judge Death[...]
Hiya Toys Debuts New Judge Dredd 1/12 Figure with Judge Death 
collection is about to get a new 6" addition as Hiya Toys continues to expand their Judge Dredd collection Judge Death has been resurrected once again, and he comes in at  6.5″ tall, with 18 points of articulation Just like the rest of the Judge Dredd 6" line, these figures are highly detailed and packed[...]
Hiya Toys Unveils New Judge Dredd Set with Anderson vs Dark Judges
Hiya Toys is back with a brand new 2000 A.D release as Judge Anderson is back We have already seen standard, black & white, and two packs for the hit 1/18 scale Judge Dredd line However, it looks like some new deluxe releases are on the way, as it is Judge Anderson vs The Dark[...]
The Skullcrawler from Kong: Skull Island Come to Life from Hiya Toys
Hiya Toys has slowly been bringing the Konsterverse to life with their impressive 1/18 scale action figure line We have seen both releases for Godzilla and King Kong, and it looks like a new release has arrived This time we are returning to Kong: Skull Island with an impressive new release as the Skull Devil[...]
Hiya Toys Debuts 2000 A.D. Gaze Into The Fist of Judge Dredd Set 
The Judge Dredd line continues at Hiya Toys as another brand new release is on the way It was not long ago that Hiya debuted their new 1/12 Dredd figure, which can be seen here However, we are king back to 1/18 scale this time with their new "Gaze Into The Fist of Dredd" 2-Pack[...]
Judge Dredd Becomes the Law with Hiya Toys Newest 1/12 Figure 
Hiya Toys is back once again as they continue to build up their new line of 1/12 scale figure collection We recently saw an Exquisite Super Series, John Rambo join the line from First Blood Part II, which can be seen here It looks like the new figure has come to life, and this one[...]
New S.H.MonsterArts Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah Figure Unveiled 
Hiya Toys has slowly been upgrading its impressive action figure line from 1/18 scale to a glorious 1/12 scale This new Exquisite Super line takes all of those outstanding sculpts and details Hiya Toys is known for and to even greater lengths A new figure is rising as John Rambo is ready for war once[...]
Relive the Horror of Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) with Hiya Toys 
Hiya Toys is expanding its 1/18 scale horror line as Leatherface is back with a brand new figure This version features his Killing Mask design from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre that, released back in 2003 If you love the slasher Leatherface, then this release is exactly what fans need to expand their collection, and he[...]
Embrace the Heat with Hiya Toys Newest Godzilla vs. Kong Figure
Hiya Toys has been getting large and in charge with their new upgraded Hiya Exquisite Basic line These figures keep that impressive 1/18 scale detail and make it even better We have seen quite a few franchises arrive in Exquisite format, including the world of Godzilla A new Godzilla variant has arrived from Godzilla vs[...]
Godzilla Becomes the King of the Monsters with Hiya Toys Exquisite 
Prepare for greatness as the King of the Monster has arrived at Hiya Toys for their Exquisite Basics series Earlier this week, we saw King Ghidorah was arriving on the line (here), and it looks like Godzilla has something to say about that This version of the King comes from his 2019 appearance in Godzilla:[...]
Godzilla: King of the Monsters Ghidora Joins Hiya Toys Exquisite Line
\Hiya Toys has broken the ice and unleashed the terrifying and unstoppable King Ghidorah Coming to life right out of the 2019 film Godzilla: King of the Monsters, a new Exquisite Basic figure is on the way from Hiya Toys This figure to not the usually 1/18 scale either, and this king comes in at13[...]
Godzilla Turns Up the Heat with New Hiya Toys Stylist Series Statue
The King of the Monsters is back as Hiya Toys has unveiled a brand new figure for their new Godzilla statue series This figure brings the mighty kaiju back from one of his recent live-action film Godzilla: King of the Monsters The figure is titled the Stylist Series Burning Godzilla as its captures burning red[...]
Rambo: First Blood 1/12 Scale Figures Revealed by Hiya Toys
Hiya Toys has been really stepping up its game as they expand into the realm of 1/12 scale figures Their popular 1/18 scale figures continue to stay popular, but unlike RoboCop and Judge Dredd, a new action hero has arrived Coming to us right from the 80s, John Rambo is back as Hiya Toys debuts[...]
Judge Dredd’s Judge Fire Brings the Heat with New Hiya Toys Figure
Hiya Toys is bringing in some heat, literally, for their newest 1/18 scale 2000 A.D line The world of Judge Dredd can be a little black and white, and Hiya Toys continues to pay homage to the comics' original black and white art Judge Fire is back with a white-hot new release joining the line[...]
Judge Dredd’s Judge Anderson with Lawmaster Arrives from Hiya Toys 
Hiya Toys Judge Dredd 1/18 scale figure line is still going strong, and a new deluxe set has arrived Judge Anderson is back, and this time, she is getting bundled together with the infamous Lawmaster motorcycle This seems to be just a rerelease for Anderson, but it is nice to see a second Lawmaster bike[...]
G.I. Joe Storm Shadow Joins Hiya Toys New 1/18 Scale Line
Joe is slowly coming to Hiya Toys as a new figure has been revealed We have already seen Snake Eyes, but now the hit assassin of Cobra has arrived with Storm Shadow Coming in at 4.1 inches tall, this legendary assassin features 17 points of articulation and a wide variety of weapons It is pretty[...]
Hiya Toys Debuts New B&W Judge Dredd Figure with Judge Fear
Hiya Toys is really going all in with their 2000 A.D Judge Dredd 1/18 scale line of figures It is not surprising, though, as that popular comic has plenty of Judges to bring to life, and they have done a remarkable job with each Fans are still patiently waiting to see Hiya Toys 1/12 Judge[...]
Hiya Toys Debuts New Bloody Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1/18 Figure 
Horror rises out of the Lone Star state once again as Hiya Toys is back with another Texas Chainsaw Massacre release Leatherface is back and ready to make a bloody mess of your growing horror collection This marks the second Texas Chainsaw Massacre that Hiya Toys has released, and both are for the newest 2022[...]
G.I. Joe Comes to Hiya Toys As They Debut 1/18 Snake Eyes Figures 
Hiya Toys has a lot of popular franchises under their belt, with RoboCop, Predator, Alien, and even 2000 A.D It looks like they might be adding another one to their hit 1/18 scale figure line as the world goes G.I Joe has arrived Releasing as part of their Exquisite Mini series, Snake Eyes is back[...]
New Judge Dredd Figure Comes to Hiya Toys with Mean Machine Angel 
Hiya Toys is at it again as they continue to bring the world of the hit comic book 2000 A.D to life We have already seen plenty of versions of Judge Dredd and some of the other Judges, but now some villains are arriving It is going on all hands on deck this time as[...]
Judge Dredd Goes Black and White with New Hiya Toys Releases
Hiya Toys is not done just yet with their 1/18 scale line of 2000 A.D action figures, as two new figures have been revealed Similar to their San Diego Comic Con release, things go black and white with two new variant figures Judge Dredd and Judge Mortis  Black and White Variants have been unveiled, standing[...]
Godzilla: King of the Monsters Rodan Receives Hiya Exquisite Figure 
Another Titan has been unearthed as Hiya Toys continues to expand the Monsterverse with the Hiya Exquisite Basics Series Coming to us from the film, Godzilla: King of the Monsters,  Rodan is here and ready to dominate the playing field This marks the third figure to enter the 6" line joining Godzilla and Kong as[...]