Mondo Has A New Line Of Jurassic Park Apparel Available Now

Mondo has three Jurassic Park t-shirts available to order now. All three designs feature little nods to the films, including the two new designs by Leslie Herman. One of those features the ripped apart electrical fence in a tennis racket, based on a promo image that can be seen in John Hammond's office. The other pays tribute to the famous line from Sattler, "Woman inherits the Earth" with a huge Dilophosaurus on the back. Very clever indeed. The other design is an old favorite from Bruce Yan, featuring Jurassic Park fan-favorite Mr. DNA. You can check out all three shirts below.

Mondo Has A New Line Of Jurassic Park Apparel Available Now
Mondo Jurassic Park Shirt 2

Mondo Jurassic Park Collection

"Ready to feel your age? It's been nearly three decades since Steven Spielberg's classic shook the world of cinema. If you're like us, every single inventive bear of the film's 127 minutes is embedded in our brains. So, as we wind this weird summer down, how about embedding a bit of the park into your wardrobe? We're happy to introduce two brand-new JURASSIC PARK t-shirt designs by Leslie Herman and a returning favorite by Bruce Yan. All three t-shirts are now available in the collection, along with vinyl soundtracks, enamel pins, Tiki mugs, and Unmatched: game – Ingen vs. Raptors."

Not only are these three shirts available, but a bunch of other Jurassic merchandise can also be purchased. This includes vinyl soundtracks, tiki mugs, pins, the new Unmatched game, Mondoid figures that everyone should own because they are awesome, and more. They have a little something for everyone as far as the dino franchise is concerned, so head on over and grab some before they run out again. It has happened before with the Mr. DNA shirt, and before you know it, they will be gone again.

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