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Jurassic World Evolution 2 Receives Its First Developer Diary
The world that you're in is set after Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom, meaning that this isn't just a theme park like before where you see dinosaurs put behind fencing every 500 feet This feels more like an open-world setting so that these creatures can somewhat roam free and be in a natural habitat You can[...]
Jurassic Park Velociraptor Attack Captured with Prime 1 Studio
Clever Girl! Prime 1 Studio is returning fans to the prehistoric park with their newest Jurassic Park statue This 1/6th scale statue completely captures this deadly animal with a powerful sculpt to the jungle themed base Standing 15" tall, this Velociraptor Attack statue measures roughly 29″ from its head to its tail The team really[...]
Jurassic World Evolution 2 Receives Its First Developer Diary
Inspired by the thrilling 1997 Jurassic Park sequel, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, the game lets players pay homage to John Hammond's bioengineering company in Challenge and Sandbox modes with three vehicle skins bearing the iconic jungle-green InGen livery. No longer contained to the Muertes Islands, Jurassic World Evolution 2 unfolds across distinct environments ranging from dense forests and rocky deserts to sun-drenched tropics, each with[...]
Jurassic Park III Spinosaurus Walks The Earth With Prime 1 Studio
We return back to the island once again as Prime 1 Studios unleashed their newest dinosaur statue from Jurassic Park This time we are going to the third installment of the franchise with Jurassic Park III The Spinosaurus is ready to make its presence know with the newest 1/36th scales statue standing 9.5 inches tall[...]
Jurassic Park Velociraptors Lurk in the Bushes with Iron Studios
We return to the park once again, the Jurassic Park that is as Iron Studios reveals their newest 1/10th scale statue Two Velociraptors are listening and learning with their new 7.9" tall diorama statue displayed on a Costa Rican rainforest base Both Jurassic Park raptors are highly detailed and created from promotional concept art from[...]
Jurassic World Evolution 2 Receives Its First Developer Diary
Experience "what-if" scenarios from iconic Jurassic World and Jurassic Park films, with each level set across eras and locations from all five movies Immerse yourself at the heart of the Jurassic World franchise and see how things turn out when you are put at the helm of managing new challenges with unpredictable outcomes. https://youtu.be/oT84gvaHaS0Video can't be[...]
Relive Ray Arnold Final Jurassic Park Scene with Mattel for SDCC
Jurassic Park is easily one of my favorite films of all time, so it was pretty amazing to see Mattel was releasing a new Jurassic Park exclusive for SDCC 2021 For the past three years, Mattel has released specially packaged 3.75" figures from this dinosaur thriller, and they keep the tradition going This year they[...]
Mattel Reveals SDCC Jurassic Park Ray Arnold Exclusive Figure Set
This time things get a little prehistoric with the new Jurassic Park Final Scene Ray Arnold collectible Coming in as part of their 3.75" figure line, Ray Arnold is packaged with a Velociraptor in the generation scene from the film Samuel L Jackson's character will feature a removable bloody arm to showcase his fatal attack[...]
Hasbro Reveals Transformers x Jurassic Park T-Rex and Jeep Set
You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. Transformers/Jurassic Park Beat Zack Snyder- Daily LITG 1st July 2021 Transformers/Jurassic Park Beat Zack Snyder- Daily LITG 1st July 2021 Credit: Hasbro The world keeps turning, and America is beginning to heal from all the burns Even if a few scabs need pulling off first. Hasbro Reveals Transformers[...]
Hasbro Reveals Transformers x Jurassic Park T-Rex and Jeep Set
We have already seen quite a few crossover Transformers figures with Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, and now Jurassic Park That is right; things are getting prehistoric for the Autobots with this mighty Jurassic Park x Transformers figure set Two figures are included with the Tyrannocon Rex and Autobot JP93 that bring to life the[...]
Hasbro Reveals Jurassic Park Monopoly & Tiger Electronics Games
Hasbro revealed Two new items this week with a Jurassic Park theme as we're getting new Monopoly and Tiger Electronics titles The two official names for both of them are Monopoly: Jurassic Park and Tiger Electronics Jurassic Park LCD Video Game, both of which are based on the original 1993 film, and in the case of[...]
Jurassic Park Clever Girl Velociraptor Statue Arrives at Iron Studios
The hunter becomes the prey as Iron Studios unveils another amazing statue from the hit film Jurassic Park Coming out of a very intense scene, Robert Muldoon is tricked by the deadly Velociraptors after the fall of the park His last words are "Clever girl" as he meets his end by the ferocious beast and[...]