Marvel Comics Mojo Invades Your Legends Collection with Solo Release 

It was not long ago that Hasbro revealed their new Pulse exclusive Marvel Legends Mojoworld set. This special set includes some sweet classic television packaging as well as Longshot, Dazzler, and mini Wolverine slug as the main man himself, Mojo. This set was pretty fantastic, but it seems Hasbro is slowly dismantling this exclusive with a new solo release. It has already been revealed that Longshot will be getting his own Marvel Legends Retro X-Men solo release in slick windowed card back action. Now, it looks like even Mojo is getting a solo release, and pre-orders are already live, giving fans a closer look at this gruesome X-Men villain. Plenty of detail is packed into Mojo with two swappable hands and heads as he is depicted on his robotic exoskeleton with more than 40 points of articulation. There is a slight deco change on the Mojoworld figure, but if you just want Mojo, then he is priced at only $55.99 compared to the bundle price of $131.99 (here). Pre-orders are live right here, and be sure to snag up some of the other Mojoverse figures with Spiral and Longshot.

Enter the Mojoverse with Hasbro's Marvel Legends 

"The interdimensional television impresario Mojo as his sights set on the X-Men as his next stars, and he won't take no for an answer! The 6-inch scale Marvel's Mojo figure features unique sculpting and deco to recreate the spineless alien villain's bulky form and spider-legged conveyance! Despite Marvel's Mojo being spineless, his figure sits in his iconic robotic exoskeleton with more than 40 points of articulation. This Marvel's Mojo figure comes with alternate hands, and grinning alternate head portraying the Potentate of Programming at his most unhinged! Look for more Marvel Legends X-Men action figures inspired by the classic animated series (Additional figures each sold separately. Subject to availability)."

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