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Marvel Legends Reveals Include Mojo World, Sentinels, And More Spidey
Marvel Legends collectors were surprised with a treat today, as the Hasbro team held an Instagram live to show off some new figures in their Legends and Retro line A lot was shown off, including new Retro cardback figures, the biggest 3.75 retro figure yet, and the best reveal of all, a new exclusive that[...]
Spider-Man Noir Comes to Target with Exclusive Marvel Legends Figure
Last week, Hasbro revealed their newest Marvel Legends, which included a massive assortment of Spider-Man figures We covered all of those reveals right here for fans who are interested Out of all the reveals, there was only one exclusive with the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Spider-Man Noir with Spider-Ham 2-Pack Sadly, this figure is a[...]
Amazing Fantasy #15 Spider-Man Figure Swinging on in from Hasbro 
Fans can check out the whole set of reveals from the Marvel Legends live stream right here However, there were a couple of figures that really stood out and need some more time to shine One of these is the Amazing Fantasy #15 Spider-Man Marvel legends figures that pay tribute to his icon Marvel Comics[...]
Hasbro Changes Marvel Legends Packaging with Windowless Design 
It use to be easy to spot these issues, but now things will get a little harder as Hasbro has started to implement their new Marvel Legends packaging Hasbro just revealed some of their new Spider-Man figures from the Fall and Winter months of 2022, with all of them showcasing this new no-window packaging design.  #gallery-1[...]
Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows Legends 2-Pack Coming from Hasbro
Hasbro's Marvel Legends team really knows how to wow an audience, and they just did it during yesterday's newest live stream A lot of collectibles were revealed from multiple 2-pack, new Spidey's, and they can all be viewed right here Pre-orders for these figures arrive today at 1PM EST at a variety of retailers including[...]
Pre-order Arrive Today for Marvel Legends King in Black Venom 2-Pack
Hasbro kicked off their newest Marvel Legends livestream event, and it was loaded with some incredible goodies Fans can check out all of the new reveals right here as we covered all of the reveals However, some of these reveals were so incredible that they deserve a second look, like the special King in Black[...]
Marvel Legends Spider-Man, 20th Anniversary Toad, & More Reveals
Marvel Legends' first livestream in a while took place this morning, with many reveals shown off Some of the steam was taken out of the beginning of the stream from the team, as the Thor: Love and Thunder wave was spoiled last week and forced their hand to reveal them a day early Other topics[...]
Hasbro Reveals Marvel Legends Thor: Love and Thunder Mjolnir 
Hasbro has just dished out their first wave of Thor Marvel Legends figures with 3 Thors and a Korg Build-A-Figure Hasbro's reveals do not end there as the Reforged Mjolnir is also coming to life with a brand new replica Similar to the previous Mjolnir replica hammer, this version is modeled after the mysterious Mighty[...]
Thor: Love and Thunder Marvel Legends Figures OFFICIALLY Revealed
No, some of us have spent the last week pouring over images of the film's new Marvel Legends wave Some Walmarts across the country decided to sell the figures early, so we saw all seven figures over a week ago before Marvel Studios or Hasbro wanted us to Now that the trailer is out however,[...]
Hasbro Announces No Way Home Spider-Men Legends will Arrive in 2023
However, many fans have been waiting for the Spider-Men figures to debut from Hasbro with Marvel Legends It looks like fans are going to have to wait until 2023 to get their hands on them, but it is official that they are on the way! Hasbro took to social media to reveal that all three[...]
Moon Knight Coming to Hasbro as They Debut New Marvel Legends
It was not long ago when Hasbro revealed their next Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure Wave The wave will consist of more figures from Disney+ plus, and the end result will allow fans to build Infinity Ultron from Marvel Studios What If…? So far, the wave aery consists of Hawkeye and  Kate Bishop from Hawkeye, and it[...]
Walmart Exclusive Marvel Legends Ulik the Troll King Pre-Orders Arrive
Thor fans are in for a real treat as the Marvel Legends Ulik the Troll King figure finally is up for pre-order This deadly troll is ready to throw down and will be released as a Walmart Exclusive figure Getting a deluxe release, this figure features premium Marvel Comics accurate detail and high end articulation[...]
Pre-orders Arrive for Hasbro’s Newest Marvel Legends Retro 3.75 Figures 
The Marvel Legends Retro line from Hasbro still continues to grow as more heroes and villains join the roster These 3.75" figures capture the nostalgia of classic Marvel Comics action figures with limited articulation One of the best parts of these figures are the retro styled card backs that are loaded with fantastic art Pre-orders[...]
Pre-orders Arrives for Marvel Legends Animated Jean Grey from Hasbro
On March 20th, Hasbro revealed the packaging for their newest X-Men: The Animated Series Marvel Legends figure Marvel Girl herself, aka Jean Grey, is making her debut as pre-orders arrive from Hasbro for the powerful mutant This special line of figures with be Hasbro Pulse and shopDisney exclusives, with a whole line expected to release[...]
The 'Forever In Production' Spawn Movie Gets a New Writer
Maybe the problem is not the myth that "Boys don't want female action figures"; perhaps the problem is, they aren't getting enough of them, and the industry isn't giving them to the people clamoring for them. I took a deep dive into the numbers or what figures came out in 2021 in five of the most[...]