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Marvel Legends Reveals Drop Fast & Furious At Hasbro Fan Fest
The main event of any Hasbro Fan event, the Marvel Legends team held its panel this afternoon and with it came a ton of new reveals as always The team over there are some of the nicest, most passionate people working in any industry let alone toys, and it is always a treat to watch[...]
Marvel Legends Spider-Man Web-Man Figure Up For Order Now
Marvel Legends reveals keep coming and coming and coming We haven't even gotten to next Friday's Hasbro Fan Fest, and it feels like a new figure is being revealed and going up for order every other day Today's reveal is a way different look for Spider-Man, as his Web-Head costume debuts in figure form He[...]
Marvel Legends John Walker Captain America Exclusive Up For Order
Marvel Legends reveals continue from the new Disney+ shows, with this weeks reveal being John Walker, Captain America Walker will come with Cap's shield and two swappable heads, one with the mask and one without The likeness for Wyatt Russell is pretty spot on, and the figure loooks fantastic But the big news is the[...]
WandaVision Marvel Legends Available To Order In Spring, New Pics
WandaVision figures will be a part of a Marvel Legends wave this spring Already revealed the other day, the Hasbro Marvel team revealed new pics of both the Scarlet Witch and White Vision this afternoon White Vision will feature an all-white body with yellow accents and his blue "mind stone" spot.  I love that cape[...]
Hasbro Launches Pulse In The UK As Of Today
Built as a site where fans can preorder figures from Marvel Legends, Star Wars, Power Rangers, GI Joe, Transformers, My Little Pony, and more straight from Hasbro, the service launched a couple of years ago in the US and has seen membership and sales spike through the roof This will also be a way for[...]
Marvel Legends Villain Wave & More Revealed This Morning
The Hasbro Marvel Legends team just wrapped up their latest Fan First Friday stream, where they revealed a few more of the cosmic figures coming to Walgreens this year, a couple new versions of some old standbys, and a fully revealed villains wave that will go up for preorder this afternoon around 1 PM EST[...]
Marvel Legends Maestro Now Available To Order From Hasbro
Marvel Legends surprise drops continued today, as the brand put up a new deluxe Maestro figure And he looks absolutely incredible He will come in the deluxe packaging the larger figures have been releasing in, and he will come with two pairs of hands that you can swap out so he can be overly dramatic[...]
Marvel Legends Retro Series Wave 2 Is Revealed
Marvel Legends Retro line debuted late last year on Hasbro Pulse, and I gotta tell you, I really liked them The cardbacks feature some incredible artwork, the boxes the two-pack came in were top-notch, and the figures themselves are excellent for what they are It is a neat little package and a new way to[...]
Marvel Legends Green She Hulk Figure Revealed
For the first time in months, Marvel Legends news has been a bit quiet Guess that all ends today with the reveal of a green She-Hulk figure This version of Jennifer Walters is the same figure that came out in 2020 in the Fantastic Four wave, only this time she is actually green She will[...]
Ms. Marvel Becomes Spider-Man in New Exclusive Marvel Legends Figure
However, Marvel Legends fans are getting something special this time as they will also be getting an exclusive figure Ms Marvel is back, but this time she will be wearing her very own Spider-Man costume Like her previous release, Ms Marvel will come with secondary arms to show off her inhuman powers She will not[...]
Let's Take A Look At Some New Hasbro Marvel Legends Figures
The Marvel Hasbro team is wrapping up a banner year in the line, with Marvel Legends running stronger than ever, the role play offerings getting better and better, and the launch of the new retro carded figures proving very successful I lost count of how many Legends figures came out this year around April, but[...]
Marvel Legends Firestar Figure Up For Order Right Now
Marvel Legends collectors have long waited for this day Firestar, one of the longest-requested figures, is joining the line Angelica Jones is a fan-channel exclusive release, and can be preordered right now She comes with swappable hands, a second headsculpt, and a flame effect Maybe best of all though, she comes with her dog Ms[...]
Marvel Legends Reveales: House Of X Wave, Silver Surfer, MODOK, More
Marvel Legends fans had yet another Fan Friday to look forward to today, and they did not disappoint This is probably the last one we will get for this year, and they used the opportunity to show off a new movie Deadpool figure, the full House of X/Powers of X X-Men wave, two new Walgreens[...]
Marvel Legends:
Marvel Legends galore were announced this afternoon during yet another Hasbro Fan Friday presentation I have to say; I am enjoying these We knew about most of what was shown today, as quite a few of these figures were teased at Hascon a few weeks ago But the gaps we didn't know about on these[...]