Star Wars Black Series Count Dooku from Hasbro is Here

The Star Wars Prequel Films do get a bad rap but they are honestly my favorite Star Wars trilogy. The lightsaber battles alone captivated me as a child. They even introduced us to a whole new line of heroes and villains. One of those villains was introduced to us was in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones with Count Dooku. Count Dooku was portrayed by Sir Christopher Lee and he was a sight to behold on the big screen. This figure has been out for a while but pre-orders and the figures have been pushed back and delayed due to the current pandemic. It is nice that things are starting to trickle out and we were lucky enough to get her hands on the Star Wars: The Black Series Count Dooku. This is a character some fans have been waiting for, including myself, and I can't wait to check him out. Let's not wait any further in dive right on into this review.

It's unclear what movie this figure is from as both Attack of the Clones and Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith show him in black garb and this is brown. This seems to be more related to some of his outfits as seen in the animated Clone Wars series though. The figure itself comes with two accessories the first being his iconic red lightsaber and the other is a moving blade that could be swapped out. This motioned effect is something quite new to these figures but we see it in bigger figures like Hot Toys. Count Dooku seems to feature the new Hasbro photo technology capturing Christopher Lee's likeness is on the head sculpt quite well. His cape is fabric and a little bit bigger than you would expect as it drapes over his arms more than you would want. IThis allowed for some extra magic to pose him to have his arms be exposed. The body is sculpted just right and the different shades of brown fit the aesthetic nicely. The motion blade is definitely an interesting touch and it gives his poses more of a dynamic feel to them. It is nice to see the expanding roster of the Sith see more of the light of day.

The Count Dooku Star Wars The Black Series figure from Hasbro is definitely a must have for any fan of the prequel series. It was a must have for my collection and will be a great companion piece to the upcoming Attack of the Clones Obi-Wan and Anakin figures. The likeness of Sir Christopher Lee is definitely a huge plus and fans will appreciate it. Not a lot of prequel figures are out there especially in The Black Series so it is nice that they are expanding the roster. I hope we can see other characters from the Clone Wars debut like Asajj Ventress. A lot of Count Dooku's story was shown through the Clone Wars so it is nice to have his assassin displayed next to him. You can still lock down your own figure as you can still find him online and here. We are coming closer to a bunch of Star Wars: The Black Series releases so stay tuned at Bleeding Cool for upcoming reviews as figures come out. If you're curious about what's around the corner from Hasbro and their Star Wars series check out their recent reveals from their Fan Friday live stream event here.

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