Here's Your Star Wars: The Clone Wars Black Series Collectors List

The Bad Batch is finally here as the new The Clone Wars sequel series debuts on Disney+ for May the 4th. The series will hopefully answer questions about what happened to the Clone Troopers after the rise of the Empire. While the series focuses on the future, fans must not forget the foundation that The Clone War laid out, and Hasbro has captured it all. May the 4th marks all new things Star Wars, so it's a must to look back at things fans might have missed in this galaxy far, far away. The Clone Wars is pretty new to the popular Star Wars: The Black Series, with the first figure being the Utapau Clone Trooper. The next 4 figures only debuting last year. Many fans might have missed the launch as the first wave of the figure was exclusive to Walmart. This wave consisted of four figures from the final season of The Clone Wars with Season 7 Ahsoka Tano, 332nd Clone Trooper, Death Watch Mandalorian, and Super Commando Mandalorian.

Each figure is loaded with great detail that many fans hardly got their hands on due to crappy scalpers and poor Walmart distribution. However, there is still hope for Star Wars fans as small restocks have been happening, which fans can find located here. The Clone Wars fun does not end there as more characters from the series have been released in newer waves. This consists of two versions of Cad Bane with Hasbro Pulse exclusive and general public versions of the legendary bounty hunter. Fans were also introduced to Asajj Ventress in the most recent wave of Star Wars: The Black Series figures. The most recent character coming to the wave is Aurra Sing which is a long await bounty hunter from the beloved series. All of these figures are priced at $19.99, and some are still up for order and pre-order located here.

Many of the iconic heroes and villains from The Cone Wars even got replica lightsabers as part of the Force FX line. This includes Kit Fisto, Count Dooku, Mace Windu, and the newest one that has yet to release is Ahsoka Tano. All of these The Clone Wars collectibles are still up for order with the lightsabers being found here. Most of the Black Series figures are also up for order or preorder, and they can be found here. Celebrate May the 4th the right way with add more incredible Star Wars collectibles to your growing collection. What Star Wars: The Clone Wars characters do you want to see get the Black Series treatment next?

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