Street Sharks Takeover: Villains Emerge To Destroy Fission City

Street Sharks are back as Mattel is releasing their special Mattel Creations Concept figures this Friday. With a new set of figures arriving, we wanted to dive into the history of this awesome franchise. We have already gone over a simple recap of the Street Sharks here, as well as covered some of the hit heroes Mattel released here. This time, we are getting worse as we are showcasing some of the deadly villains that attacked Fission City with Dr. Piranoid and his gene-spliced villains. There is no better place to start than with Dr. Piranoid and the first monsters he made with Slobster and Slash.

These villains really stole the show when they took to the screen and were must-have figures for 90s kids. Both Slobster and Slash were created from gene splicing Ghengis Khan and Thomas Blood DNA with a lobster and swordfish. They featured some fun action powers for their figures with Chilling Drilling Action and Seize & Slice Claw. Street Sharks was no TMNT, but these two were the Bebop and Rocksteady of the series, and Shredder was the deadly Dr. Piranoid. This villain had multiple releases from Mattel with a standard green Spear-Shooting design and the blue Power Bite armor.

There was plenty of other deadly villains to take on the Street Sharks in Fission City. This includes heavy-hitters like Evil Repteel and Killamari, who would easily take on the Street Sharks. Killamari was a lot, but his tentacle spitting action was always fun to play with and perfect competition for Jab's launching headbutt. Evil Repteel is a powerhouse, and his meaty figure would be a real threat for the Street Sharks. Action figures with launching projectiles were always a hit with older toys, and his Fire Fanged Serpent Missiles we sweet to see.

Mattel is definitely showing some love for these villains with their new set of upcoming Mattel Creations figures. Dr. Piranoid's original design comes to life for the first time in figure form, giving us more monsters than man. We are also finally getting Clammando, who was originally set to release back in the day and even was used in some of the original promotion figure material. Both Street Sharks designs are pretty amazing, giving old fans some true collectible treasures. All three figures are set to release right here at 12 PM EST right here, so set those alarms!

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