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WWE Retro Figures Return To Mattel Creations This Friday
We will be getting two releases a year, as multi-packs, with the first one going on sale tomorrow at Mattel Creations The four-pack will include Cowboy Bob Orton, Mean Gene Okerlund, Mr T, and Rowdy Roddy Piper Each will come on their own Retro-style card, and all four will be housed in a collectors box[...]
Mattel Creations Street Sharks Concept Figures Come Ashore Today
Today is the day that Street Shark fans have been waiting for with the upcoming releases of their new figures from Mattel Creations This past week, we have been celebrating the legacy of the street sharks with a brief recap of their history, as well as covering some of the coolest heroes and villains Mattel[...]
Street Sharks Takeover: Villains Emerge To Destroy Fission City
Street Sharks are back as Mattel is releasing their special Mattel Creations Concept figures this Friday With a new set of figures arriving, we wanted to dive into the history of this awesome franchise We have already gone over a simple recap of the Street Sharks here, as well as covered some of the hit[...]
Street Sharks Takeover: A Look At Our Favorite Fintastic Heroes
The upcoming Mattel Creations Concept figures bring back the jawesome and fintastic designs of the Sharks These will easily be a highlight piece to your collection, and fingers crossed, we can get a full-on Street Sharks to return later on These new figures go live tomorrow right here with Mattel Creations at 12 PM EST,[...]
Street Sharks Return with Brand New Releases from Mattel Creations
Mattel Creations is back at it again with another incredible and unique collectible for fans to get their hands on The Street Sharks are back as Mattel brings to life three original concepts to life Many fans were hoping for a full-on Street Sharks re-release with new details, new accessories, better articulation, and more However,[...]
WWE Fans: Today Is The Last Day To Get Macho Man W/ The New Gen Ring
WWE fans: you only have until Midnight EST to back the Mattel Creations New Generation ring to get the Macho Man Early Bird bundle included Announced a couple of weeks ago as the first WWE crowdfunding project from Mattel, the amazing playset is trying to get over the 5,000 piece hump and get across the[...]
Mattel Creations Is Selling A Bad Robot Figure, JJ Abrams Fans
Mattel Creations is making my dreams come true Going up for order today is a the latest figure collaboration from Mattel, a Bad Robot figure, mascot of JJ Abrams production company I have always loved the robot, and looking at the figure they came up with, this is an instant buy for me He will[...]
WWE Ultimate Edition Sgt. Slaughter Is A Must-Get Maggots!
T, and now the latest one are on sale now on Mattel Creations, the Ultimate Edition Sgt Slaughter The Ultimate Editions have been a big success for Mattel, with the added articulation points and accessories make these some of the best figures they have put out since getting the license in 2011 These figures, however,[...]
WWE Ultimate Sgt. Slaughter Revealed For Mattel Creations
Mattel Creations is becoming their version of Hasbro Pulse, offering unique collaborations and exclusives for figure collectors of all their brands However, we all know their bread and butter is WWE They are revealing what would have been their SDCC exclusives this week, starting today with the reveal of the Ultimate Sgt Slaughter This Ultimate[...]
Skeletor Shogun Masters Figure Revealed For Mattel Creations
Skeletor is the subject of the latest Mattel Creations project, and this one is a doozy for fans of Masters of the Universe Standing at over two feet tall is the Skeletor Shogun Masters figure Modeled to look like the classic Shogun Warriors line of figures, the figure comes with his iconic havoc staff and[...]