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Mattel Creations Street Sharks Concept Figures Come Ashore Today
This past week, we have been celebrating the legacy of the street sharks with a brief recap of their history, as well as covering some of the coolest heroes and villains Mattel created for them It all has been leading up to today's (August 27, 2021) event with a special Mattel Creations release Our incredible[...]
Street Sharks Takeover: Villains Emerge To Destroy Fission City
Street Sharks are back as Mattel is releasing their special Mattel Creations Concept figures this Friday With a new set of figures arriving, we wanted to dive into the history of this awesome franchise We have already gone over a simple recap of the Street Sharks here, as well as covered some of the hit[...]
Street Sharks Takeover: A Look At Our Favorite Fintastic Heroes
Street Sharks are back as Mattel is dishing out some brand new never before seen concept figures this Friday, August 27, 2021 With the return of this legendary toy line, we wanted to dive into the past and reminisce on some of our favorite figures Mattel is the one who started this line back in[...]
Street Sharks: A Jawesome Recap of Mattel’s Hit 90s Toy Line
Mattel has done the impossible as they announce the return of the legendary Street Sharks with their upcoming Mattel Creations release Three figures are on the way as Mattel brings never before seen figures straight out of the concept book to life However, with the return of the Street Sharks, many new collectors might be[...]
Street Sharks Return with Brand New Releases from Mattel Creations
The Street Sharks are back as Mattel brings to life three original concepts to life Many fans were hoping for a full-on Street Sharks re-release with new details, new accessories, better articulation, and more However, it seems that Mattel Creation has dove into the past to bring three original sketch designs to life that never[...]